Mourning Side for my dead brother Robert Kerasotes on July 2nd 2013 tuesday morn

“”for my brother robert friend of neil diamond who turned me on to this fabulous man with his fabulous words and his fabulous songs. i am listening to neil’s song “Morningside” and these are the thoughts in poem i just have and had: how appropriate neil for i am listening to you just you for me and for me alone. i am listening to Morningside my favorite song of yours this morn. i was listening to you sing of the left hand of the child of morning. the left hand of death is the child of mourning. the right hand of the child of mourning is life neil. i know you know that for you told me so so long ago in carbondale illinois that summer in august when you came to play for me because my brother your friend said go play for my brother at his school and then will love it and you. so thank you neil thank you. the other left and rights are this or these: the left hand of god is hate the right love. did you know that my brother taught me that long ago so long ago and so far away neil so far away. for he is dead and i miss him sir. my little brother is dead. he has died and this song of mourning side always makes me think of him and death and life of love and hate and you just you neil. so again my thanks to you neil my thanks to you. mike *******”Copyright(c)2013byme”


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