“‘The Heroined Out Dead Squirrel’Copyright(c)2013bykerasotes”

“”Yesterday, i found this horrid awful sight. A dear darling grey squirrel lying dead of heroin. He’d evidently fed on 40 bags of shit and rolled over and gave up his ghostly spirit the way these little guys do when they’ve overdosed on this awful drug. This is the worst death for a rat. A drugged death. A horror. A foul deed done by men of utter shame. They probably fed the darling bag after bag after bag. He’s been here as long as i have. I saw him born here. So, Peoples Of This World I want you to see this tragedy. This is what is going on here all around about me. Take Heed and Be Warned This Drug Is Not For Man Nor Beast!” ‘The Heroined Out Dead Squirrel’Copyright(c)2013bykerasotes”P1020525 P1020527 P1020528


One thought on ““‘The Heroined Out Dead Squirrel’Copyright(c)2013bykerasotes”

  1. “Dear World Book, I feel bad that I put this up on here. It saddens me to my quick. I apologize for this horror. I weep for you and all. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. I cry tears of blood for this and for this alone for you and for you alone and me. Copyright (c) 2013 by kerasotes”


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