“”DEAR Matthew Bellamy & MUSE: I am playing your Album “THE RESISTANCE” which I adore. I Like Playing It Over & Over w/my Sony Headphones on so as not to disturb any one Living Here in Holly Village. My favourite Song is your ‘GUIDING LIGHT’ !!!!!!! I think you should re-release this CD. It is Mooged too much. Don’t mind me, I just like you so much your CD should be PERFECT. Think about it and then go to Columbia and tell Jack Warner ‘Mike’ said so. Okay? Good! All my bests, Mike

Mike Kerasotes
9615 Holly Drive #201
Everett WA USA 98204-1173
kerasotes at outlook dot com
kerasotes dot wordpress dot com

Please write me a note or an email regarding same.

Thank you so much for your fantastic always on the right beat, the right note, the right key, the right back up, and, the right sweets! Until Then I remain Your Biggest Fan Who Would Love An Autographed Photo of The Beautiful You Otherwise Known As “MUSE” !!!!!!!!! Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes”


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