“Dear Frontier, I am mad at you and here is why. Justin answered my call to report that my wi-fi was out and made me wait a half an hour and then came back on the line saying his name was now nicholas and that i did not have wi-fi, i had cable service only. that upset me to no end. i said i had to go to my kitchen to check on my dinner and when i came back he had hung up on me. i have had to call you every day to report that my service was interrupted and you had people on the line saying that i do not have internet service because they don’t have that here in washington state. would you please do something about these people who keep taking my wi-fi connection off line after i get it back on and have a nice day like iu would like to have with my wi-fi internet service restored like it was the first week i had it – fast reliable and quick instead of slow like it is now, please? thanks, mike kerasotes 9615 holly drive #201 everett wa usa 98204-1173 Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes”


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