“”My Mike Pulsating In The Night Skies” Copyright c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes”

“”This is a short video of my stellar star system Mike with viable earthlike planets pulsating in the night sky. You can see it and several of the newer ones that I told Nikon, Panasonic, Kodak, Fuji, The Nobels, & Thee United States Patent Office when they all called me up one day in July 2013. They all paid my Patent Fee for me because of the greatness of my little accidental discovery. I was online to Nikon talking to them registering my new Nikon COOLPIC S6300 Red Camera that I had just bought when to my surprise my phone rang and on it were the following: Thee United States Patent Office, The Nobel Foundation in Switzerland, The Nobels whom I knew, The Panasonic People, The Kodak People, The Nikon People and even The Hubble & Mount Palomar Peoples all wanting to know how I knew what my little new camera had taken. I told them it was because I had an Astronomy Merit Badge and had discussed this particular event with Mr Albert Einstein. They all were amazed. I said it was recorded on film by Hollywood and The Nobel Foundation backed me up. So, here is an unpublished film of mine that I just found on my Fuji Carbon Graphite Chip updated on my old HP TouchSmart TouchScreen 864 IQ TouchScreen Desktop Computer via QuickTime! It isn’t long and it is a bit jerky but you can see the purple stellar star system that I happened to discover during the 10,000 mile wide Hurricane Tornado that was overhead that night. I had just pointed my camera up hoping to catch a glimpse of a star – perhaps the northern star – and much to my surprise, it was what Mr Einstein & I had talked about many, many years ago, A Stellar Star System With Viable Earthlike Planets all in Purples! They all concurred and sent Hubble off to view it as well as the Mount Palomar Telescope Peoples and all the telescopes around this planet to verify this phenomenon and they all did. That is why Thee United States Patent Office called. It was to tell me that I got my Patent, my Trademark, my copyright and, my registered Trademark Patent Copyright and Registration all paid for by them. I was Done In Audrey Hepburn Style! So, here is the little film I took and please enjoy the movie.” Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes”


One thought on ““”My Mike Pulsating In The Night Skies” Copyright c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes”

  1. “”Here, WordPress.com, I finally figured out how to “fetch” or “paste” a video URL on your site or my site or whatever this is called, guys. How about that? I uploaded the video on my YouTube page and then pasted the URL onto yours or mine here. So, it only took my 4 months to do this but, there it is above. I hope you all like it and my description. All my regards, Mike” Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes”


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