“”My Mike’s Viable Earthlike Planet Mike!” Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes”

“”My Mike’s Viable Earthlike Planet Mike!” Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes”
“”September 10th 2013:  This is the first extreme close-up of My Mike’s Viable Earthlike Planet Mike!Image
Never have i seen anything like this.  I am in utter amazement.  I went out to my balcony just to see if He were there outside.  It is cold.  It is about 56 degrees.  I had just awakened from my sleep and had gone to the bathroom to pee.  I made myself a cup of tea.  I thought to myself that I should put on some shorts and go peek outside to see if My Mike were in the skies.  It took me three shots this time to do this.  I got a t-shirt to put on the balcony rail so I could hold the camera still while I took a shot sitting in my chair so as not to move.  This is the best photograph I have ever took.  I did not move.  I took a breath and exhaled and shot my shot.  Then I came in and uploaded it to my old hp IQ 846 fantastic fantabulous computer.  This was done in seconds.  I then blew it up and now you see this extraordinary shot.  You can see the atmospheres.  You can see the other stars and planets and nebuli and systems in My Mike’s Stellar Star System with Viable Earthlike Planets.  I imagine you people are going nuts over this.  I am.  Hubble, eat your little heart out.  Nikon, this camera has updated itself to such a degree that this photograph has been allowed to be processed in it.  It zooms in millions of times more and faster than ever before.  I have not had to recharge it’s battery for a week.  That is how cool this Nikon COOLPIX S6300 Red Camera is.  Kodak and Fuji these carbon graphite chips are the same.  I believe they update themselves as well.  I went looking through the sets of planets on this chip and they are now organized and grouped in categories.  All My Mike’s are together even though they were taken on different dates.  Photographs of myself are grouped together.  Photographs of places and things are too.  I thought you all should know.  Hewlitt-Packard, I want you to know that this IQ 846 has done the same… .  I defragmented it over the weekend and all it’s programs have updated.  The defragmentations took 24 hours.  It had not been done for four years, Sirs.  Four Years!  It runs better than ever.  It is truly a smarter thinking machine that would have driven Frank Herbert’s Dune Peoples Nuts!  It has corrected things I cannot describe but I know you people know.  So every one, here you are!  The first look at My Mike and His Viable Earthlike Planet Mike!  I am putting in a shot of me from yesterday that I had my friend Melissa take.  I thought you people should see me and what I look like.  Now, I will upload that photo for you.  Have yourselves a marvellous week and as Jack Orkheimer used to say on that TV Program from Florida, “KEEP LOOKING UP!”  I talked to him once when my little brother Robert had died and he put up on his show the constellation of Scorpio for me on my Robbie’s birthday.  Robbie was born on November 14th 1951.  I was fortunate enough to have him print out and send me all the information about that constellation and his show and of course I still have it.  Robbie, you would be proud.  You would be proud of my little accidental discovery.  And so too would you Mr Albert Einstein who was at my house with me and Robbie the day we were filmed by Hollywood talking about Stellar Star System Discoveries with my friend Marilyn Monroe whom you had just made that funny funny funny movie with and the chimp. I hope I spelled every one’s names right.  I hope you don’t think me too vain.  I only mention these people that I have met and known because they all fit here in this.  Even Mr Frank Herbert whom I met the day DUNE came out in Seattle on my birthday.  So, World, here you are once again in the midst of one of my little works of art and I do hope, Mrs Anna, I do hope you like what I have put down in words here and have put up in photographs.  ENJOY!

All my bests, world, all my bests,
Mike Kerasotes
9615 Holly Drive #201
Everett Washington USA
September Tenth Two Thousand Thirteen
Tuesday Early Morning at about 5:22 Am Pdt
in my little computer library room in my home at my glass and metal desk 🙂 “
Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes”



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