“”My Mike’s New Systems in this morning’s dawn light – Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 at 11:12 Am Pdt” Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes”

“””These are the photographs I took at Dawn this morning around 6:11 Am Pdt:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage & I made a movie on my old Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 Red Camera with the Kingston Carbon Graphite Chip 16 MB!  It is about five minutes long but i wanted it to show the pulsating new system, the nebuli, and the gases.  I drifted off to mountains and the sun and even a morning moth.  What was interesting was the pulsing XENON Gas Lamp with the Plastic Globe Cover.  The pulses of gas were purples and they seemed to beam staight up;  then straight up and down; then sideways; and, then in several other different directions.  I will upload that later today after my walk.  I hope you enjoy these photos and the movie.  This time it is on Windows Media.  AND DEAR HP PEOPLES, this computer with the WEBROOT Anti-Virus has updated and re-scanned itself.  You know this computer, your priceless HP TouchSmart IQ 846 TouchScreen Desktop Computer that needs it’s TouchScreen Reset (and Best Buy said they’d do it for free and I want you to hold them to that, please!) and a new keyboard by you i would prefer because this on lost it’s little ‘H’ key.  This computer has defragmented itself again and restored several missing programs and files.  It won’t let the loonies on it anymore it seems and I am so happy about that.  It also must adore the WEBROOT PROGRAMS for it has even updated those and combined them with it’s own.  SO WEBROOT PEOPLES BE ADVISED THAT THIS OLD THINKING MACHINE HAS OUTDONE ITSELF IN A WAY EVEN MR FRANK HERBERT WOULD BE PLEASED!  I’ll put my name and address and this WordPress.com page on here and my email address since my phone is out due to lack of funds as Frontier Already Knows.  And, “Yes, Every One, & you nice Social Security People in Washington, DC that Margarita Called Last Friday, I still have no checks in my mailbox.  You ought to know that no one has been delivering mail here since last Monday.”  

Thank You Every Body,


EVERETT WA USA 98204-1173

Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes”


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