“””September 23rd 2013 Monday Morning 3:02 AM PDT Home Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike”
“September 23rd 2013 Monday Morning 3:02 AM PDT Home”  “Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike”
“““This is my new photograph of our sky.  I went to shoot a photo of a what I thought was a new star like I did when I took my famous photograph in August.  Hours later when I uploaded it to here, today, I found it was not a new star.  I shot the picture last night on the first night of what you all call Autumn.  To me, the first night of Autumn was on the 21st.  But, since you all out number me, I acquiesce to your numbers.  Here are the photos I took last night:


These are the five photographs that I took last night.  They are still developing.  I am so amazed at this that I must tell you this again, Thank you Kingston Technologies SDHC 16GB SD10V/16GB!  Your chip that came with the Nikon COOLPIX S6300 Red Carbon Graphite/Gold Camera is fabulous.  All my very bests, Mike” Copyright © 2013 by Mike””””


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