also i would like you to add this part mr robert sunshine:

“Hello You, I forgot this part:


I didnt get to explain why me and addie lee are hollywood royalty. i thought you ought to know.


Mr Bulgari said one day after telling his family stories in Russian and English told me that my family was in Hollywood before his and since they were related to his family by that Countess my yiya would tell me stories about, he figured that i was of Russian Royalty and Greek Royalty. [You see, my yiya would tell me these stories in Greek and then in English. She have me and my little brother robbie now dead and in heaven sit on her knees and we’d love it. sometimes they took all day. morning through the afternoon until bedtime. She and my papou would alternate days. We’d be there two weeks at a time. My parents were in the motion picture business.] So from then on and this was on the first day i met the wonderful man they called the richest man in the world and he made me his partner. Since my family and his family were related, i agreed. Hollywood Royalty. He said i was the eldest child of the eldest child of the eldest child of the ones that came here in – when did you say michael ? and i’d say 1892 they told me. and he’d say your grandparents were here before mine. that makes you senior royalty young man and i should bow to you. so now you know. he and i were best friends. his mother loved me. she said so. sonny tell that little spoiled brat to come to my house when you’re finished with him cause i want to learn that fucking theory he cant seem to teach you yet. he says tomorrow miss bulgari, the boy is too polite. teach him so disrespectful phrases and ruff him up a bit. he’s too polish. he outdoes us. we are richer than they are. i know it. but he’s royalty and we’re peasants wouldn’t you know and i’m a grand duchess and he’s a fucking king. so, tell your majesty i want an audience when he’s finished with you today and then we call all go out to dinner for by then his parents will have put his little darling brother robbie to bed and michael can sneak them out and i’ll have my little red bentley convertible pick them up and bring the back here to get you and mr harry winston and his lovely wife ruby and tell the harryies to all attend as his majesty will be my guest tonight at the Waldorf Beverly Hills! He is my favourite little boy in the world. he’s the one who likes emeralds just like me. only he knows which ones are good ones and you apparently dont. let him teach you sonny, and his mother will be here tomorrow morning 10 o’clock she’s having her hair done at Saks and i’m getting her tailored and Bergdorf Goodman. I’ll be wearing my white mink coat and she’ll have her fucking half a million dollar black ranch mink disgusting instead of the sable i got her half off. 1,000,000 dollars. i charged it to them as my treat. Bergdorf’s he was mad as hell he way until i told him about mr albert einstein’s theory of relativity and michael taught that to me yesterday in ten that’s ten little minutes sunny, not two fucking weeks. bad boy mr bulgari, i want my black mink coat cleaned today. it is covered in diamonds and i want it back to white. you and that little spoiled brat have ruined it. again sunny. and i wish to learn how to do this myself darling little boy of mine… so you tell his majesty that the duchess of bulgaria wishes his presence at dinner tonight – white tie – white tails and staff! be back later sunny, love mum…. a note she sent me. i hope they framed it!


so addie lee and all, i wish you luck in reading our book and have a merry little day, you all.


hugs n love n kisses, me”

by Michael Patrick Kerasotes on 6 Avril 2011 at 1225 AM PDT my time Lynnwood WA USA 98087

Michael Kerasotes

Twin Firs Apartments

2707 Lincoln Way B24

Lynnwood WA USA 98087

425.361.1040 home phone with voice mail


Mike 🙂

Mike Kerasotes
9615 HOLY VILLAGE #201
EVERETT, WA USA 98204-1173


“Hollywood Royalty – me and addie lee” “The Bulgari Stories” in red for you



Sent By:

Michael Kerasotes  


Jan 01/09/11 11:59 AM




Michael Kerasotes


Michael Mellin; Michael Campsmith; Bill Mitchell; Tony Pock; Content Hagen; Mitzi Austin; Vicki Helbur; Dane Dicke; Marshall Alworth; shadowycat; Carol Rathbun; Clarkson Larry; Greg Case; Lonny Johnson; Gordy Beil; carlyle moore; Made Leno; pauline arris; Bill Rockwell; BradHolli Hollibaugh; Scott Nettleton; Scot McRoberts; Reba Bigelow; Matt & Bill; Bryan Lenfers; Colt Vessels; Coz; Cassandra Galatioto; Steve Galatioto; Cindy Dicke; Julie Devins; Stacy Gauthier; Mark Henry; Joshua Leffel; Lawrence Putner; Miss June Malone; Kevin Lambert; Lori Ann Martin; Lois Shumski; JOE; Lisa Meitmann; Maureen Layag; Pamela Salmen; Tony Pock; Richard Marciel; Christopher Rose; Wayne Smith; Wesley Sawyer; Christina Sawer; Addie Lee Pickus Chase


dear you,


i’m sending this to you and all


it is another page from our book “Hollywood Royalty – me and addie lee”


shall i tell y?  okay…


she drug me out of one of our father’s private screenings of THE KING AND I ! she said keep your little mouth shut michael, or i wont take you to Chasen’s. Mr Van of Van Cleef and Arpels another one of your vulgar little stores michael. i hate you for it. i’m addicted to rubies because of you and my mother likes baggetts by mr harry winston your other favourite russian friend michael. she loves you more than me. i hate you michael you and your dammed emerald. now everyone at Chasen’s want an emerald cut by mr bulgari your favourite friend in Beverly Hills! Now i suppose i understand why you love beverly hills michael. you spoiled little child. i am mad at you today and i’m not taking you to Chasen’s. and i hope you know why !!! and i’d say, No Addie Lee, i didn’t do anything wrong honey dont be mad at me and she’d turn red and scarlet and she’d cry and say no more dinner at Chasen’s for you today michael. i dont want to be a bitch but i’m going with frank and his pretty little girlfriends and i’m bringing miss beautiful sexy ava gardner to tease his pretty little boys with and she never wears a bra or panties and those horrid little see through tops and those big full skirts so they can suck her off under the table while she bitches about her fucking emeralds like this: Frank baby, take these back. You know darling, i like rubies. me and addie lee like rubies. fuck you and your fucking emeralds frank baby and kiss my little clit darling and it you think you’re going to get anything tonight baby, you might as well drop dead! i’m taking addie lee and your boys home tonight. good day darling and she left with the boys and addie lee. leaving me at Chasen’s with the bill. $1000.00. i still had her purse so i paid the bill with my father’s money that day!


so i hope you like my little story darlings. every little word is true. addie lee said so. 

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