“The Mutant Oleander with yellow Forsythia Flowers! Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike”

“This is blue and I like it!  Below, is a photo I took and in it is a oleander plant with forsythia on it.  Forsythia is a yellow flowered plant that grows wild.  I believe these orchid like little yellow flowers are the work of our priceless new bees.  By new bees, I mean the ones from Africa, South America, and Europe.  They pollinate our plants without knowing what they’re doing.  I hope they learn.  I told them.  They said they’d try.  That means they will try to fix up all these mistakes that made mutants.  This Oleander is a Mutant.  Forsythia blooms in the Spring.  This is Fall.  I thought you all ought to see what I show the children that day I picked it.  I told them where the real Forsythia grows, Mother and they went to look.  They are going to tell their teachers and in the Spring, they are going on a Field Walk.  They are going to look at the flowers and the trees.  I told them to go down the fourth and evergreen streets all the way to the lake.  I want them to look at the poppies and the daisies.  I want them to look at the fake blue spruces.  I want them to take pictures.  They said that would be fun.  So, you get to see and know and be a part of this and their new projects.  I hope you all enjoy this.  Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike”





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