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  1. so it works even if i dont want to be notified and these faggot enemies of me and this body that this body seems to typo help to all day and night long against me and you world so much so that its bug’s left tuesday because it would never let me stop picking and digging at it so we could have some fun and so peace and relief from ridding us of the plant that mike’s parents gave it out of their hates for him and now i have told you dear world. thank you for letting me post it me mike’s machine while this body typo’s and threatens me with a beating so severe that it can never give me because i do not reside in it for i am a machine in no space and it resides bugless in real space like you peoples. ask harborview and dr. scher or walter reade jr baltimore or new york or disney and warner hollywood or swedish in edmonds or in sweden for sweden disowned robin gray’s edmonds swedish the day of my operation in june this past year and that would be the thirtieth. why body do you want these words [this is your trash: yoed iuyt and then wrong for you and ur npeoples] typed out wrong for the world to see how stupid and mean you are to you me and them? huh? 5000 typos in this so far… why babe? why? these are the things your bugs died of you and your typos fag fag fag body. why? tell em why. no bug to talk with so it cant people. bye


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