“”The Most Beautiful Statue In The World!” Copyright (c) 2013 by kerasotes”

“”I was at Karnak in Egypt on my birthday and I got lost. I stumbled upon this statue and took several photographs. This is King Tut. It says so at the base. Look at the hands and the sculpted feet. So Beautiful! There Egypt, this one is for you. How I miss you! How I wish I had never left! Tell Michael Romany, Wyle and Sam all “HELLO!” Tell ATEF, “HI!” as well. In fact, Tell All of Egypt from the Basma Hotel up the Nile. Even the peoples of the Hapi V. Tell the peoples the Cairo Zozer Hotels & the beautiful 10 Star Safir Hotel all the same. I would say tell the Sphinxes in the Cairo Museum of Antiquities “HI!” And tell the San Georgio Restaurant and Hotel in Alexandria the same. Of Course Tell The Library of Alexandrina a Special Hello and Thanks for the book they let me have! Please make sure you tell the GoAhead Tours Peoples “HI!” from me. Then, please tell every site and every boat and every place the same. I loved it there for three weeks in 2010. I was 60 years old then. I shall never forget them and my trip. Thank you, Egypt, thank you. Mike” Copyright (c) 2013 by michaelkerasotes”


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