““STORY ABOUT THE DAY ELENA SALVATORE OF WIKI LONDON CALLED! It was late November 2009 when I saw on Wiki a page or two about me, my family, and, my father.  It was full of lies.  I found the number of WIKI and called to leave a message.  I said There is a Page or Two on Your Wiki that has lies about Me My Family and My Father. I want them removed.  Your fine print says you don’t allow them.  If you need to call me my number is this………….. It was the next Wednesday in December 2009 that I received a call.  It was Elena.  She told me that she could remove the pages.  I said okay.  Where to start?  I said do you have Facebook? She said yes. I said Kerasotes Theatres has lies here on it.  It is the part about my father leaving them.  She deleted it.  I was happy. We talked and talked.  I sent her digital photographs of my Hollywood Reporter Story —– The Tony Gieski Story an Obituary I had printed there about my father’s death.  She liked it.  I told her Chuck Vionne of Disney and I and Tony and Matthew Deitrich of the Springfield Register had all gotten permission from each other to print the article.  She liked that.  I gave her more photographs of those articles. She said she would make a page about my Dad.  I was excited.  Three days later, there it was on wiki. I said it will take me years to add and correct and it did.  I finished earlier this year.  It looks good.  I like it.  You can go to Wikipedia and look up George Kerasotes to see it. How about that kerasotes.wordpress.com, Facebook, Google, and, every where else! How about that! P.S.:  I asked her (Elena) to call Chuck and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Warner.  She did.  I said hello and told them who she was and my story.  They all liked it.  I said to Elena that you might as well put all of Hollywood on your Wikipedia and Facebook.  She agreed.  And that is how all the movie stars, directors, and Hollywood got on Wiki and Facebook. Kindest regards, Mike Kerasotes 8/29/2014 Friday at The Library 10:18 A.M.” “Copyright © 2014 by Mike Kerasotes””


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