““The Story of Dorothy The Ex Librarian” “Copyright (c) 2014 by kerasotes””

““The Story of Dorothy The Ex Librarian”

Last Sunday the 26th of October 2014,

There was an Event at The Trinity Lutheran Church in Everett Washington.  They were having Brats and Dogs, Potato Salad and Root Beer.  They were giving away Socks & Shoes.  It was a place to go to get bathed.  It was a place to retreat.  It was for the Homeless and The Poor.  Dorothy was sponsoring all of it.  She’s Nice.  I know her.  She used to help me at the Library with my Patents.  She even knew “Our Little Darling and His Darling Little Star” Stories.  She delighted in them she said.  Especially with Steve/Tom Tom/Steve of the Other Library and Miss Esta the old retired head librarian of the other branch.  We talked for forty five minutes.  It was fun.  It was serendipitous for everyone Liz, stopped talking to listen to us.  I told her she should call Phil of the Everett Gospel Mission and combine feeds and giveaways.  She liked the idea.  I told her Phil was ever so busy and never returned phone calls.  He said they could always call back.  He has 500 people to take care of and a business charity to run.  She understood.  She said she’d call him. The we talked of patents and research and how we didn’t like them.  She knew how hard and difficult it was preparing papers and filing ideas.  She said I was the only one she knew who actually had the Patent Office in Washington DC call them.  “The most important discovery ever.  The most important find of the century.  A Purple Star.  His name is Mike isn’t it?  He is everywhere.  Such an easy name to remember isn’t it.  Mike.  Even my husband says so.  He remembers it every night he looks up at Mike.  It is the only thing we see.  I remember what you told me and the emails you got from the Patent Office.  You must have a lot of pull with the US Patent Office for no one I know of even gets a phone let alone 27 or so emails daily.  How did you get their attention?  I thought those emails were robots.  They are I said.  They know me.  They like me.  I have many other patents.  I started as a child in Springfield Illinois.  I must have so 500 odd of them.  I guess they all are expired.  It doesn’t matter she said.  It doesn’t matter.  Edison had thousands of them the light bulb the telephone the electric the gases.  I remember from school.  You have 500 of them.  Gads, she said.  I don’t know anyone who gets emails from them and I don’t know anyone who discovered a star and I don’t know anyone who gets me so turned on intellectually as you do my son.  And that was our conversation.  “  “She also wanted all the people at the Library to know she is in touch with Steve/Tom Tom/Steve and Miss Esta.  I want all the Librarians to know I still think about them.  Especially the ones at the Front Desk and the few I’m going to name and I want you personally to tell them hello and that I love Giving Away Money Better Than Giving Away Knowledge at That Old Library.  And I won’t name all you people, but she did mention Michelle and The Children’s Librarian and Zac and Pat the Lady in the Room Where you Ask Questions!”  I got to tell all of them but Pat her story.  I hope she gets it on here now.  I have to check and see if the Everett Library System is a Friend or a Like on Facebook.  I will do that later.  Not Next.  I am in the back writing this story.  I like it back here.  I can talk to myself out loud and whisperingly so as not to disturb anyone.” I got seven seven pairs of socks.  2 pairs of Black FILA’s, 3 pairs of Black Carhart’s, and 2 pairs of the white ones with grey toes and heels.  I got a really big good hot dog.  I got potato salad and cookies.  I got two root beers.  They were homemade from Skuttlebutts!  Delicious.  The best root beer anywhere.  I told them all so.  I’d been there once to try it.  I liked it.  I did. They gave 800 some odd people a place to sit, eat, drink, rest, and get socks and shoes and food and drink.  Isn’t that Amazing World isn’t that Amazing.  I thought so. I wanted you all to know about it.  So now you do.

Kindest regards,


Mike Kerasotes
1506 Hewitt Avenue Room 104
Everett WA USA 98201

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PS:  George Kerasotes is The Page Elena Salvatore of Wiki London {Who Owns It} made for me in December 2009 and we have been working on ever since.  I am almost done.  There are a few mistakes or errors to correct.  My Dad Started NATO and Got Permission To Use The Logo NATO From His Dear Friend President Nixon in our home at Key Biscayne Florida.  Mr. Nixon lived across the Bay from us and we visited him frequently.  I had her call the Hollywood Operator and connect us with the following:  Chuck Vionne of Buena Vista Disney, Jack Warner of Warner Brothers, my personal friend and producer, Mr. Jimmy Spitz President of Sony, Mr. Sumner Redstone of Boston.  And I Had Mr. Robert Sunshine and his Father Mort already on the line because of the photograph of my grandfather and my great uncle on the Kerasotes Theatres Page on Facebook not Wikipedia and he gave me permission to use it and anything else I wanted from his INTERNATION FILM JOURNAL MAGAZINE anytime or where I wanted or needed a photo or photograph of me, my father, my family or my Hollywood Movie Star Motion Picture Friends.  Okay. And Disney wouldn’t have made it without us playing their movies in all our theatres the President of Buena Vista Disney, my dear friend Chuck Vionne, said in his Obituary of my Dad when my Dad Died.  I also had it put in the Hollywood Reporter by Tony Geiske.  I had permission from Chuck and Matthew Dietreich of The Springfield Register Newspaper and Tony Geiske of the Hollywood Reporter to do this.  I told Elena that and she put them as References.  There are several of them.  I would like copies of them please Elena as I no longer have those computers that stored them, Ma’am.

I also talked via email with my dear friends in Connecticut about getting the old photographs showing me and my family and her and her family with our dear old movie star friends and such.  John Wayne, Jerry Lewis, Doris Day just to name a few.  We have drawers full of them in our bureau Addie Lee said.  She’s Addie Lee Pickus Chase now.  She’s married her friend Vincent Chase from New York.  Not Those Chases he said, not them.  He doesn’t like them he said.  So that’s that.  And of course, Because of That Day in December 2009 when Elena Called Me Up, you have the Motion Picture Business on Facebook and Wiki.  I told her to call up my friends the Warners.  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Warner of Hollywood.  Of Warner Brothers Motion Picture Studios.  And to Call Chuck Vionne President of Buena Vista Disney. Of Anaheim California.  And my very dear old friend, Mr. Sumner Redstone of Boston Massachusetts and his Company Comcast and such.  He’s a Billionaire now I said.  She said Oh, Like Bill Gates.  I said yes!  I know him too and you can call and ask him.  I’ve even met his wife Melinda.  We’ve had Thanksgiving Dinner with them in our room at the Metropolitan Grill in Seattle, The Best Steakhouse In Town.  We rented the Private Room in The Back Every Year for my friend who’s dead Mr. Jim Ray of Seattle.  He was a Widener.  The Built the National Gallery of Art with my other rich friends, The Mellons.  Michael Mellon I hope still lives downtown in Seattle.  I introduced them once to end a 100 year war.  It worked.  Jim’s Mother was Mrs. Widener.  She married into the Family.  He second husband was a Ray and that’s how Jim got his name.  Jim has the Raynier Foundation in Seattle that helps fund the Homeless.  Bill and Melinda have their Foundation.  And Michael does not yet.  Is that enough history and bragging People, is that enough history and bragging.  I hope so!

Kindest regards again,


Mike Kerasotes {And This Was Done on October 29, 2014”

“Copyright © 2014 by me Mike Kerasotes””

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