I have corrected all my Wikipedia pages on George Kerasotes and on Kerasotes Word Press and on Google and on Google Plus and on Facebook By Mike Kerasotes

I haven’t written back here for a while and tonight I have decided I will.  I have been busy.  I have corrected all my Wikipedia pages on George Kerasotes and on Kerasotes Word Press and on Google and on Google Plus and on Facebook.  Why even Addie Lee wrote me about it!  She liked my link on Facebook and wrote me a note too.  Happy Thanksgiving Michael she wrote. I am so very pleased by that.  I am not pleased with the Matthew Dann of Wiki Permissions who told me that I didn’t have copyright permission nor license permission to use my own photographs.  So I wrote him back telling him I did and wrote to the President and CEO of NATO and included all the emails of everyone at Wiki for him, Mister John Fithian and his Executive Secretary Cheryl.  Then, I sent it off to them all.  Yesterday.  I had had it people I had had it! Filthy Germans, my yi ya always said they are out to get you all the time and this one is yi ya.  What else people what else? Oh Branden Britten confirmed today that he was a real friend of mine.  I had met him at Barmyx Everett this past April.  I had missed him.  It seems that after two months whomever you liked or was pretty or muscled left.  Even Richard Thayer who is who is a friend on here left.  He never went back and bought me that drink he owed me but he is a friend on here – FACEBOOK.  I am still miffed about my Doris Day and John Wayne and my Jerry Lewis photographs but now they are on the External Link on my Wiki Page – George Kerasotes.  Go look.  Down at the Bottom, External links and click on Kerasotes Word Press and off you go to my Kerasotes.Wordpress.Com pages and there they all are.  No permissions necessary nor needed people, isn’t that nice?  Yes it is.  Thank you WordPress.com, thank you.  You of all people have never bothered me about copyrights nor licenses for my pictures.  Bless You! Now get this:  my ‘friend’ Marie a neighbor took me to lunch today at Anthony’s and had promised to pay for it as I had never had their lobster $19.99 dinner.  We didn’t even get dessert.  We didn’t get the soup or salad.  We did get the Coffee.  But that’s it.  She told me after we ate that she was not happy with the arrangement that she pay for lunch.  On the way in she had told everyone she was paying for it.  Awful.  The waitress and I just looked at each other and winked.  She knew.  She was there from the beginning.  Now, Dear Linda Altman, you know.  [Dear Linda – is it two ‘n’s’ or just one?]  She put up a note on my door and I read the awful trash.  I saved it.  I told Linda all about it.  Filth she said! Filth!  We love using that word of yours, me and Lewis my ex husband.  Anyway Linda there is the story just for you.  I know Marie says she isn’t on here but she is under a FAKE NAME – MARIE LEWIS! I saw her play on it once.  Go tell them she is not your Mother Honey.  BET THAT! So Smiles Every Body and HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL! EVEN YOU MATTHEW DANN OF WIKI PERMISSIONS. YOU TOO ELENA SALVATORE, YOU TOO JOHAN BON OF PHOTOSUBMISSIONS, YOU TOO PIETER AND DEITER OF WIKI PHOTOSUBMISSIONS GERMANY AND ALL OF YOU OTHER LOVELY WIKI’S!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL YOU GOOD GOOGLE PEOPLES!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS YOU WONDERFUL WORDPRESS PEOPLES!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS YOU FABULOUS FACEBOOK FOLKS LIKE SHIRLEY OF ICU2 ETCETERA.  FROM ME KERASOTES.MIKE [MICHAEL KERASOTES] HERE ON FACEBOOK. Kindest regards, me November 25, 2014 at 5:21 p.m. on Monday Evening at Thee Main Everett Library, Everett Washington USA 98201 J’s


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