““When I went home from here today I found… .” “Copyright (c) 2014 by kerasotes””

““When I went home from here today I found that my friend Lewis was talking with the new kid David and saying things like I don’t know… .  David was saying that I wrote on the Internet that they all were HEROIN DEALERS.  I did not.  I just told the story that I heard from Katie the Boss of Meals on Wheels and her two assistants that she sent over to tell me and Mark all about what happened that day when David and Bruce and Tracy took our food and threw it away.  I did say that the Police were going to Arrest them.  I did say that I did not know when.  He told the other Tracy that I said he and everyone there were Heroin Dealers.  I told Tracy that was not true.  He said he was going to stay out of it.  David went on to say that he was going to have me evicted.  I hope not.  After all, what is he?  He’s just a person who is new there and just moved in.  He may be the son of the partner of Tracy, but he isn’t the owner of the place.  I wrote Jim and Karen about it and Jim got mad at me about the stolen foods.  I didn’t say a word to him while he yelled at me.  I didn’t know what to say.  My friend Mike LaPointe said good.  It is better not to fuel the fire.  So what he yelled at you.  So what if his wife owns the place.  He isn’t the Landlord.  He’s just the person who collects the rent for The Landlord. So World, here is my story again and I am not happy to be writing it to you.  David goes on line to see what I write here every day he said to Lewis.  Awful.  I wrote him a special note yesterday and he didn’t see it I guess.  Well, too bad David.  Too Bad! He said I wasn’t an artist that I lied about painting my art and that I stole all my paintings that are on line and that I belonged in Western State Hospital and that that made him feel better about him self because he was an artist who paints what he feels.  All artists do he said.  Honestly.  If all artists painted what they feel then where is all their art.  After all he said, Michael is a fruit case and nuts and I don’t respect him because he is an idiot like me.  I feel better Lewis that I told you this and so should you.  I won’t go on with this because Lewis said to leave me alone and leave him and everyone else alone because they all saw what you did David and Mike is right to write about it on the internet even my wife Linda says so.  So go away and stop talking like this.  If you want to go to Washington State Hospital tell your friends Tracy and Bruce and they will get you into there.  They know about your deranged illnesses and your prison record and your jail records.  So stop talking about my friend Mike and stop telling everyone here what he did not say.  He never lies like you David.  He never lies. Isn’t that nice that my friend stood up for me people.  I think so.  I really do.  He was my first friend in this building and he is still the best friend I have here.  Thank you Lewis.  Thank you Linda.  Thank you Tracy [the other one] and thank you everyone else who also heard it and didn’t say a word.  Like Chuck and Charles and Deana and George and Sara.  Marie had left and had already missed it.  I guess I will have to tell her about it later after she gets back from her journey today.  She would want to know she’d say. So there Karen and Jim, there Tracy and Bruce, there David.  There all of you.  There. Kindest regards,    me Mike Kerasotes 1506 Hewitt Avenue Room 104 Everett Washington USA 98201 425-422-5339 michaelkerasotes@gmail.com Kerasotes@Outlook.Com On December 26, 2014 at 12:39 p.m. in the back of the library upstairs at the Main Branch in Everett.” “Copyright © 2014 by me Mike Kerasotes””


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