““On this last day of this year I am writing to thank all the nice people who have been reading my words here on the Internet and telling their friends what I’ve written and spreading the word about all these things that have happened here in Everett to me this year.  THANK YOU NICE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  I AM NOT NAMING YOU INDIVIDUALS OR GROUPS OF PEOPLES FOR SAFETY REASONS.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Oh but this one person I will thank by name:  Renee Anderson.  Thank you Miss Renee Anderson for telling the Sargent who talked to me the other day about the story I loved.  How Miss Noe would come into my room and cry because she knew that what she needed was or would be there because of me.  Thank you, Renee, thank you.  And for all you other peoples, Miss Renee Anderson was my boss when I worked for the County.  She is Thee Chief Prosecuting Attorney for the County.  She was always nice to me.  I never dreamed that she would be the person answering the 911 call.  She told the guy all about me and said I’ve read every word he’s written lately and it is all the truth.  I knew him well.  He was the best worker we have had in more than 30 years.  I wish he still worked here.  But the books he made for us and we still have them Mike, we still use them and your system still works.  In fact, we never made a change to them nor your system because of the fine way you wrote those books out for us, the courts, the districts, and the counties and me.  I still have mine.  Gail still has hers.  Barb still has hers.  The District Courts still have theirs.  The Superior Courts still have theirs.  And your room for we still call it that still has yours in it.  We built a shelf and placed them there – complete with the extra copies you made in case any got lost.  We all thank you.  Even Miss Noe thanks you.  I have lunch with her every week and every time she tells me that story.  We have grown fond of telling your story, Mike.  Thank you Mike, she said.  I thanked her and the Sargent and said goodbye. So now World, you know.  So now World you know.  And now all you peoples of this World Know As Well! HAPPY LAST DAY OF THE YEAR WORLD AND YOUR PEOPLES, HAPPY LAST DAY OF THE YEAR. December 31, 2014 at 12:38 P.M. in my place in the back in the chairs donated in my name by the Benaroya Family who with The Bill Gates Family and Foundation and with the James Ray Foundation the Raynier Foundation will be donating millions and billions every year from now on in my name Michael Patrick Kerasotes to this Library and its Branches for their OUTREACH PROGRAM and THEIR BOOKMOBILE. THANK YOU DEAR BENAROYAS.  THANK YOU BILL AND MELINDA GATES.  THANK YOU JAMES RAY AND YOUR FOUNDATION.  THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR YOU ARE TOO KIND AND WONDERFUL NOT TO MENTION FOR DOING ALL THIS FOR POOR LITTLE ME.  THANK YOU! I thought you all would like to know that these three families and their foundations who are so very dear to me and old old old friends and want to help me and my causes and help you people who love this library like I do, Eileen and me. Happy New Year Little Library and Happy New Year Big Library. Kindest regards,



Mike Kerasotes
1506 Hewitt Avenue Room
104 Everett Washington 98201 USA

“Copyright © 2014 by me Mike Kerasotes and or kerasotes on wordpress.com””


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