“”My Valentine’s Day 2015” “Copyright (c) by kerasotes””

“”My Valentine’s Day

Today is February 14th 2015 and it is a year ago today that Mike was here and had the most marvelous time.  He went to Alderwood with a lot of money.  He bought an Abercrombie’s T-Shirt and Sweatshirt in bright blue with orange letters on it and had that marvelous meal at Macaroni’s Grill.  He met two wonderful people there and shared Godiva Stories.  He had fun.  He had a ball.  He is here no more and I honor him today for I want to and I want to go to his mall and have a lot of fun and I am going to go there later on because my friend Mike LaPointe cashed my 26 dollar check for me today without my asking him to.  That’s how nice he is and how dear a friend too.  I owe him twenty dollars and will have to pay him back next month because I get no more money this month.  Next month I get a bump up from retirement money Chuck my payee said.  I don’t know how much but I hope it is a lot.  They maybe Jeff Jones I will be able to get the things I want back from you and pay my two friends back the money they lent me this month.  Okay God, OK?  Thank you God for everything and thank you world and Mike.  And thank you Mike that’s gone for everything you did.

Here are some pictures some photos some photographs I took today of me and my wonderful white chocolate covered strawberry that was ever so good from QFC Broadway.

P1580297 P1580298 P1580299 P1580300 P1580301 P1580302

And Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. President and First Lady.  Happy Valentine’s Day Walter Annenberg and Family.  Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. & Mrs. Walter Read.  Happy Valentine’s Day Chief of Read’s Baltimore Hospital and other places too.  And Happy Valentine’s Day Disney and Hollywood and Family’s and Happy Valentine’s Doctors of Snoqualmie and Berkley too.  And Happy Valentine’s Day Addie Lee Pickus Chase and Vincent.  Happy Valentine’s Day Dane Dicke.  Happy Valentine’s Day Larry Clarkson.  Happy Valentine’s Day Darrel Lee Fisher.  Happy Valentine’s Day Russ Hill.  Happy Valentine’s Day Culver Military Academy and Chet Marshall III and Alan Loer.  Happy Valentine’s Day Barbara Schiebling And Happy Valentine’s Day Mitzi and Wayne and Carol and Joyce and everyone like Content Hagen and Ruth from Go Ahead Tours.com.  And Happy Valentine’s Day Cassandra Reed and Sal Wolfson.  Happy Valentine’s Day Chuck Shirley Larry and Carol from FMC.  Happy Valentine’s Day Krystyna Simm and Hope Options and Everett Housing Authority.  Happy Valentine’s Day Miss Manu Morgan.  Happy Valentine’s Day David Clumpner.  Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody from little ole me.”

“Copyright (c) 2015 by Kerasotes””

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