“”2/15//2015 Sunday at the Main Library…………. I want you all to know that I may now have 6 months to live. my new doctor said it is doubtful but possible. I may have up to 12 parasites in me plus Hume’s and Chrone’s and Chronic Bowel Syndrome plus whatever the Snoqualmie Listeria Virus did to me all last year. My situation is GRAVE. That means DEATH. I was not happy to be diagnosed this way He was amazed that no one but him wanted to do these tests. I thanked him. I wont list his name but I wrote it to my old friend and doctor (Dr. Dean M. Ishiki) last night so at least he would know. And I thank Dean for his advice friendship help and other stuff in my little email to him. I also wrote a nice email to my old Southern Illinois University doctor friend Russ Hill. I hope he writes me back. He is the one who sent me to Romano’s Macaroni Grill here in this area for he loves it down there in Florida. Thank you Dean. Thank you Russ. Thank you all. Kindest regards, me PS: I may only have until March 23rd or 30th but that is long enough for me. I thought all of you should have these dates and things from me. Okay All? Okay. That’s it world, that’s it. Thank you Facebook Googles WordPress.com and everywhere else. Kindest regards, me Mike Kerasotes at 4:36 pm on Sunday Afternoon and it is sunny again today world, sunny and I love it. thank you world. thank you god. thank you jesus. thank you holy most (for all of you that is Thee Holy Ghost as our Michael Patrick Kerasotes said to David Abromowitz of Springfield Illinois ages ago when he was six years old. thee end. all my love and hopes to each and every one of you, me smile emoticon‘sP1580317(“Copyright this photo —- Copyright (c) 2015 by Kerasotes”)” “Copyright (c) 2015 by Kerasotes””

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