“”My Thoughts for The Day: _____________” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””

“”My Thoughts for The Day:

“Today is Chinese New Year on my GoAheadTours.Com Calendar.  Gung Hoy Fat Chow or Happy New Year in Chinese.  Joy Hauser of Wilmette, Illinois taught me that the first day I met her at Southern Illinois University in 1969.  She had come to meet me because of her friend Cheryl Gold.  Cheryl and She and Maureen Rossman were all neighbors in Wilmette.  They were suspicious of me and my family and didn’t believe I was one of the Real Kerasoteses.  Boy were they wrong.  Joy and Her Family had investigated me and found I was heir to a Billion Dollar Fortune and she’d brought her new boyfriend to see if he couldn’t charm the pants off of me.  It didn’t work.  We all knew it wouldn’t work.  After all, he was poor and from Pennsylvania and only liked boys and Joy.  Joy or Edylynn Joy Hauser was from the people who started two toy companies.  One was the Smart Factory and the other I won’t name.  You all know these companies and I am protecting their privacies.  I don’t know these people anymore because they were mean to me at school and I decided to have nothing further to do with them and never have.

“Today I wrote on my Kerasotes.Mike Facebook Pages this:  “”Yesterday the 18th of February 2015, I left my sunglasses here after I’d just fixed them up kids. I was out and realized I didn’t have them. I couldn’t remember if I’d left them at home so I went there to check. No Luck! I decided they either had to be here at the main library or at the senior center where I’d had coffee with the mayor earlier. I came here to the library first and no luck down stairs but up here at the reference desk they were in a drawer. My luck they were taped and no one wanted broken sunglasses. La La La La La. What luck. This was the fourth time I’d left something here and it was here when I came back.

Me Mike Kerasotes with my found sunglasses Copyright (c) 2015 by Mike Kerasotes
Mike Kerasotes Sunglasses Copyright (c) 2015 by Mike Kerasotes

Today at this terminal #7, there was a data stick in it and I took it up to the guy who gave me my glasses yesterday and said I suppose this is why I got my glasses back. He said yep. You are like the only guy here that turns stuff into us and we always appreciate that Mike. He said if it weren’t for you turning things back into us up here and down there, we would never have some of our good friends’ things to give back to them. All the librarians know how good you are to us and others. All your friends say hello softly when you come in here; Bill always says that’s Mike, every body likes him because he is a good guy and nice and doesn’t do drugs and helps us with the homeless because he was once. Isn’t that nice folks, isn’t that nice. I think so. me [today is Feb 19, 2015 and Chinese New Year – Gung Hoy Fat Chow – that is Happy New Year in Chinese!]” “Copyright (c) 2015 by Mike Kerasotes””

“There you go WordPress.com people, there you go.  I was thinking that I would tell you that DSHS of Washington is now helping me with my research on the dates I ate that recalled Snoqualmie Ice Cream.  They were impressed that I was going to all the trouble to find out the dates for my doctor and such.  They all decided to help and chip in with the research.  Since I can’t remember the exact dates I bought the Ice Cream at my little Broadway QFC here in Everett Washington USA, they are going to check with JP Morgan and the Store and myself and my doctor and anyone else I may need this information for like you and the Snoqualmie Food Peoples, Etcetera.  OK?  OK!  I wanted you to know that it is not contagious although I do worry about it.  I told the DSHS Peoples This.  They marveled.  They are in touch with my Molina Apple Peoples and All Are Helping Me and My People with this stuff.  I may have H___?_ and Chrones and Chronic Bowel Syndrome all of which were caused possibly by my consumption of the recalled ice creams but they too are not contagious.  I want you to know this.  I want you to be safe.  I am doing these tests for you.  I won’t make it through all of them, I know.  Me and my doctor know.  My friends do and do not know.  Most of the people I know think I am going to get well.  I am not.  Today I remembered that I no longer can see my tonsils.  They are now gone.  I have to remember to tell my doctor. {{{NB: today I told Collin of the polyclinic to make a note for my doctor rulyak and tell him I could no longer see my tonsils and since he didn’t ask me yesterday at my procedures, would you please tell him for me.  I said to him to be sure he got it.  my biopsies results will be done on Friday March 20, 2015 or by next week. and I put this Note in here today while I corrected errors on here on March 18, 2015.}}}  He would want to know this.  I don’t feel great or good.  I hurt almost all the time.  I can’t sleep for long periods of time these days.  I tire easily.  My bones break. I have rashes and itching. There, I’ve said it.  Know that I am extremely ill and know that I am in pain.  I guess I have grown used to it and am pushing my self and my body to its limits so that I can get through to the endo and colon oscopies on March 17th, 2015 at say 9 o’clock til 10:30 a.m.  I want these two tests completed so the doctors can see how much of my GI Tract has been eaten.  Okay.  Next is this part, I told DSHS that I am doing these tests for you all not me.  I will die.  Now that brought silence to my taped phone call.  Last night they all talked about me and to me while I asked them for help with the purchase dates.  They all impressed me with their wondrous attitudes about trying to help me.

“That’s all for now folks, that’s all for now.

“Entered on March 18, 2015, I am now 65 and don’t have Molina. I have Medicare now.  Thought you should know and thought that this should be updated. So I have done this for me and for you wordpress.”

“Kindest regards,

“me kerasotes on here.  Today is February 19th 2015 and it is 4:01 pm here in Everett WA USA!” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””


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