P1590457 Today I am posting this.  Isn’t it beautiful!  I adore it.  Please go to the Everett Mall and to Silk Roads and buy a beautiful carpet box of piece of jewelry from Savis and say “Merci” or “Thank You” in Persian.  He is extremely nice and is closing up his shop to go to the jungle and play he said yesterday.  I said I wish I could go with you but he wants to travel alone and camp out there.  I don’ know which jungle but he does.  Tell him “Mike sent me!”  okay. His carpets are silk and beautiful.  The one I like you cannot buy and is about and inch and a half thick and it took his mother over 30 years to make.  Just go look at it please. The three divisions on the wings means: good deeds, good thoughts, and good talks, David said. There is more: a man sitting means being human,the chair is for love, the bird is for truth and the claws are for thinking. That’s all. I thought you might like that!

Next, yesterday I had so much trouble on gmail.com that I nearly gave up.  Today wiki’s Kevin Rutherford and Matthew Dann wrote back saying they didn’t get my photographs.  I guess they were too large so I sent them back today one at a time and that seemed to work.  Go look on my wiki page that Elena Salvatore of Wiki London made for me and check to see if my father’s awards and the pictures I took are up there today.  Perhaps later today you might find them.  Or perhaps tomorrow they will be up.  How nice.  I am so relieved that their mail works today and my google gmail does too.

Next, Dear Doctor Rulyak of THE POLYCLINIC Seattle, I am feeling very ill today and parts of me are very rashed and itchy and all I seem to taste is salt!  Salt when I smoke; salt when I drink tea, salt when I eat, and, salt when I taste or breathe sir.  Awful.  And I HURT!  It is overcast and partly sunny at times in this eye.  Plus, there are many things that I would like to say besides that I no longer see my tonsils or feel my lymph nodes.  I took photographs of them for you.  I hope to make it to the 17th of March 2015 to show you.  I might post them here sir.  I just might.  There are other pictures that I would like to post for the Chief’s Son at Walter Read Hospital Bethesda.  I am not today.  Perhaps tomorrow when the library is open longer.  I am glad that I waited from say 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning till sometime around 10:45 a.m. so that my stool sample could be taken.  The longer it stays in the body the more things collect in my old friend Dr. Eveloff said and that’s best for taking samples.  They took three at the Providence Everett PacLac and one was the size of a walnut.  The other two were small nuts say pecan size.  They are best for sampling parasites the lady doctor said.  The big one is for everything and you gave us the best of the best, she said.  I was pleased, I was pleased.  There you go Mr. Walter Read of Read Army and Navy Hospitals in Bethesda Washington or Maryland as it is on the maps.  Thank you Dr. Rulyak for gathering all the tests and asking me if it was okay to discuss even the Walter Read Hospital ones with everybody.  I said yes it was for these tests will enable the Reads to find a cure for the bug Listeria.  They are old friends of mine since childhood and even the President and First Lady were on the line as well as the Walter Annenberg, The Disney, and The Hollywoods, and Elena Salvatore of Wiki.  I want to thank you all again for all your help.  Now know this, Molina and DSHS are participating too.  They joined in last week because of me and this disease.  They want to help.  Margaret the lady who answers the phone even called me back the next day to say that they couldn’t release the dates but that my attorney could get them from JP Morgan.  So I wrote him an email and told him about it.  I had to go see him later and he was very pleased with all this and all of you and even me he said.  Gosh, I can’t believe that some young man walked by and said I might try these people because there is no DUI no Drunk Driving Notices on their sign.  I had to remind him that I am about to be 65 in March and he was just amazed.  Although you look weary and worn you really don’t show your age son.  I thanked him.  I wont tell you his name because that is just not done.  It might trouble the cause and the suit.  I must write him again and tell him the name of the foundation I was established to help my causes kids.  The Mike Kerasotes Foundation and Trust sounds good to me sir.  What do you all think.  I think I will add that it might also contribute funds to organizations that find cures for diseases like mine.  I think that is smart and good and kind and nice of me.  I do.

And Dear God, I am so thankful that I made it to today to send the photos off to wiki again and to hear from them.  Also I am most thankful to have been able to help Salvi of Silk Roads from Persia.  I did not tell him I would post my words about him on my wordpress page but I just adored his gift to me yesterday and thought it best that the world sees it and goes there too, Sir.  Also thank you for helping me every day.  I cry now as I write this for you.  Please help me through this month as I need to have several more tests done and I don’t think I will make.  My doctor told me so.  I would like to go to Snohomish to see The Kelso’s once more of Kelso’s Kustom Meats on Second and Pine.  I can take a bus.  I would like to go through the wiki permissions part and get the photos I sent up to them today Sir.  I would like to look through more of my photos and find some to post here.  I would like to find and have that home that Miss Manu Morgan of Hasco wants me to have so that I can have a nice home to die in Sir.  Okay?  Okay.  Thank you God, me.

And then, dear friends and all you peoples out there:  Try not to worry for me.  I want these tests done to help you.  I wrote my attorney about a new Trust and Foundation to help this library system, my high school Culver Military Academy, my college Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, the Seattle PublicLibrary, and the Everett Gospel Mission.  There will be billions from my suit that Snoqualmie Ice Creams ordered me to do.  I want the tests from this past week to be at my attorney’s office soon.  They will allow me to win.  I want them for me as well.  I think you all know that the Walter Read Hospitals will copy them and perform their tests to help the world survive this deadly bug listeria and you all.  Okay.  There you go world, there you go. Good Day All, me.” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””


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