“”P1580389 P1580390 These are my two photographs of my friend Sal Wolfson who wants to be a Hollywood Script Writer.  This cup was made for me by Mrs. Columbia of Columbia Pictures a long time ago.  You can do a close up and see the dates.  This is the only one of its kind.  There were two.  One was for father who died a while ago and his cup broke.  It really was mine but he wanted it so I let him have it and she went and made me another one all of my own.  That’s how my family was and how they miserably treated me folks.  But Sal does not.  He is kind and even lends me cigs and money.  I like him.  I wish I’d read his script.  He never let me.  So there you go Mrs. Columbia and Thanks Again for this cup.  I gave it to him last week because he knew who your TriStar Company was and that it belonged to Columbia Pictures, Inc.  How Neat, Ma’am.  I miss you folks.  Tell everyone Hi.  Please read my previous blog on here and tell everyone to Mrs. Columbia.  Thanks, me Mike Kerasotes or kerasotes on here.” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””


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