“”February 27th, 2015 Friday Afternoon Dear World, Today is hard for me as I have many things on my mind.  I have so many things on my mind that it is giving me headaches.  It isn’t that I feel bad today or hurt.  It is more like I am troubled and worried that I do not have enough time to do the things I want to do.  Do you understand?  I hope you do. I think I am going to finish the few things I wanted to do that I never did plan on nor thought I would be able to do.  I never thought that I would be a cure for people with pollen infections.  I never thought I’d be a philanthropist.  I never thought I’d be able to help the mission.  I never thought I’d have the mayor for a friend.  I never thought these things were possible and I have done them.  I even made sure the patents were all done and have confirmation from The United States Patent Office.  Isn’t that neat?  I thought so.  I hope you all do.  Now, I am a vehicle for further cures for listeria diseases and infections and that in itself is a miracle.  Thank you, Doctor Rulyak. Thank you, Snoqualmie Ice Creams and their doctors.  The lab work from my last test was negative for parasites and Thyroid Disorders.  That much I know for I got a slip from my doctor yesterday.  100 some odd tests to go and I will never make all of them he said.  I know I repeat but these things are on my mind.  I wonder why I went and thought this day would never come.  I wonder why I thought that.  I don’t any more.  I don’t.  I think that if I keep pushing it, I will make it through all of them.  Alas, he said I no you’d like to, but you will not live that long, son. Death came a knocking at my door again last night and I told him to go away in my dream and he did.  That was my dream last night.  It was not a bad one like I usually have been having all full of chaos and odd pictures and horrid words and worlds vivid and lifeless and cold.  Last night I was cold.  I was cold all night long and in my dream I died cold.  So there you go Death, there you go.  I did not die in real life.  I did not die at all.  I woke up warm.  Nice. So now I have some more time to kill.  What an awful phrase that is and I got it from my mother Marge.  She used to say that to me when I was 7 years old.  Michael, you have time to kill before we go to the movies with your friends, what do you want to do?  And I would, Mother, if I kill time, what will God do?  And she’d hit me with a slap and say, You cut that out, sonny or I will wallop you good!  Understand?  And, I would say, Yes Ma’am. I understand.  And she said say, You had better sonny or you will go to bed without supper.  OK?  And I would say, OK.  And mother and I would go for a walk through our woods and collect samples of leaves and berries and woods and even a birch or two for our yard because the tornadoes took out two of her favorite trees last night.  And that was how we spent the time instead of killing it folks. So let us go play with time and not kill it.  That way we will have some left to do other things, kids. Kindest regards, me Mike Kerasotes 1506 Hewitt Avenue, Room 104 Everett WA 98201 425-422-5339 michaelkerasotes@gmail.com kerasotes.wordpress.com” “Copyright © 2015 by kerasotes””


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