“”Mike & His New Companion Star Mike in Daylight” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””

“”Mike & His New Companion Star Mike in Daylight in South Everett near Holly Village on Evergreen and Fourth where I discovered him close after midnight that Sunday in April 2013. Here it is a little after 6 P.M. around six hours before the time Steve Pool said to look up like Jack Orkenheimer [spelling?] of Keep Looking Up that wonderful show on PBS Canada.  He is in the East where before he was at Midnight Straight up.  I took several pictures yesterday the last day of February 2015 and this time I used my Nikon COOLPIXS9100 Camera that I bought from Nick’s Shop {my Russian friend and shop owner }there on that Swift Bus Stop’s Corner.  He was closed or I would have run in and told him there is my Mike Sir come out and look.  I also would have done the same with Cheryl and my little Evergreen Librarian Friends but alas Mayor Ray it was closed on Sunday.  D[[ear Mayor of Everettt Ray, my friend:  Couldn’t you all call my friends up like Cheryl does and see if they can’t help you keep that library open 24 hours a day like the ones in Illinois used to do before they all closed.  Or like the one in New York City and the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.  or the Library of Alexandria in Egypt those three all stay open 24 hours a day Sir.]] And now I will post the photos I took for you Dear WordPress.com:

DSCN9150 DSCN9154 DSCN9155 DSCN9156 DSCN9164 DSCN9165 DSCN9166 The moon is up and the companion star is in the fir tree to the right or east of my mike.  You Astronomics, Nobels, and Patents, plus you Librarian astronomics patents and not nobels yet can figure it out and then you can nominate me for my first Nobel Prize since I don’t have one and have discovered a new thought not idea for those are what Nobels are peoples and then I can fly to Switzerland before I die or drop dead of this terrible disease and be happy at last like little Gloria Vanderbilt with a Patent, A Nobel, and A Prize of A Million Dollars or So and a Trust and Foundation with a Billion or so Dollars to help you fund your researches and keep your libraries open 24 hours a day and keep your BookMobile and Outreach Programs that I told my lawyer about and he liked.  Although I didn’t say Nobel, I did say patent because he saw my star Mike on my Facebook Page and asked me about it in his office while my younger attorney was busy helping two other clients etcetera.  So there you go WordPress, there you go.  And there you go Mayor Ray, I finally mentioned you on here like you said to do with my famous purple star in purple type and font.  Okay Mayor Ray?  Okay Mayor Ray.  I think it is cool Cheryl of the Evergreen Library that Richard is here today helping people up here at their upstairs reference desk.  Yesterday he let me have an extra hour although I only needed five minutes and I told him thank you and today he said hi to me and having fun with your star and patents and I said yes, I forgot to bring the paperwork I set out but will go back home and get them, thank you sir for reminding me of what I wanted to do here today in your big pretty library sir.  Good day people, Good day World, Good day all.  Kindest regards, me kerasotes.” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””


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