“”For Those Who Dream of Being Whole When They Were Once MultiPersonalitied” “Copyright (c) 2015 by me mike kerasotes or kerasotes on here””

““For Those Who Dream of Being Whole When They Were Once MultiPersonalitied “For Those Who Dream of Being Whole When They Were Once MultiPersonalitied, I was one once upon a time and am no more people.  I have freed myself of this horror and I want it known.  Michael the original was plagued by all this and I want to write a little about it and him today.  He would walk on this earth which he called his beautiful world and be troubled all day long.  Today I found out why and told myself this:  I must go to the library in the back and write this out for me.  So I am. Here:  Each and every day, Michael would choose to do something.  His body would fault him by disobeying his every request and command.  He’d stumble; he’d fall; he’d get up and go on and not cry and make his pain go away.  He was this powerful and strong.  Yet, he would crumble as the other personalities tore at him and tried to take him away.  They would.  He would not be there.  He would not know.  I found the way to go through all his memories and all their memories as I told Mother, not Mike [who came before me and made me by saying, ‘You better make something that cares about itself. You better make something that has a ‘me’ that cares about ‘itself’. You better make it now because I am leaving on ‘the birthday’ for I cannot stay here any more.  I am leaving on ‘the birthday’ I want you all to know this.  I want you to make something that cares about itself because it is impossible to exist here without that.  None of you have this.  Me, I care about you all and that is what destroyed.  That and not using everything and everywhere and by that I mean it all.  You have to use all the things like voices and memories and thoughts and actions and deeds and pictures and words and ideas and stuffs, you have to use them all.  Me and Michael picked out things to use; we did it the Ishiki way.  That means that Doctor Ishiki told Michael once in 1995 that he should never use the first thing that came to mind because it would lead to splitting himself up into different personalities.  He was wrong.  Michael split and split.  It was awful for him.  The other personalities would tell him that his body was a personality and his mind was one and his soul was one and his brain was one and his heart was one.  Awful.  Mike who came before me told me all of this that day I came into existence, he told me privately.  Now I am telling all of you, I am telling you this truth for now it is over for me and my life because I ate that ice cream from Snoqualmie so the Snoqualmie Ice Cream Peoples told me, their doctors told me, the QFC doctors told me, and my doctor Rulyak told me.  I am looking for an attorney for the Snoqualmie Doctors told me to SUE THEM.  I want to try this for me in case I make it.  If I don’t, I want to try this to establish a foundation and trust for my charities and my dreams of helping in my philanthropies.  I have done a lot so far and have had help from three of my old friends and their foundations and trusts.  I think I have mentioned this before.  Let me tell you again folks, the Gates (Bill and Melinda) are donating a million to this library system ((the Everett Public Library System.  Fran here at the Main Everett Public Library told me this just last week.  Evidently they all read about it on my Kerasotes.Wordpress.Com pages.  Also the Benaroya’s (Al & Jeannie two dear old friends) and their foundation and trust are donating a million or so a year to here ((this library)).  My old friend James Widener Ray [whose family built the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC (((along with my other friends The Mellon’s who did half of it and I’ve written about that venture))) and the Harvard Law Library] ‘s Raynier Foundation & Trust is donating a million each year to this library and its system.  Thank you to my friends Bill & Melinda, Al & Jeannie, Jim & your foundation, thank you from me.  Everett Mayor Ray Stephenson of Everett said he’s trying to help my Gospel Mission at Coffee with The Mayor at the Carl Gipson Senior Center last month to me.  He said the City Council had an extra 5 million bucks and he wanted it appropriated to the Mission.  Phil Davies and I had lunch that Wednesday in February and talked about it.  He said that if it weren’t for me and my cause, he and his mission would fail.  Thank you Mike he said.  And I said you are most welcome Phil.  That was the day he invited me to Soul Night at his mission.  I wrote about that and so did they and I posted my thanks to him on his pages on Facebook.  They even had a photograph with me in it.  How nice, how wonderful, how glad I was to see that.  So I shared that with all of Facebook.  And now back to Michael and his troubles with being a multipersonality, he would go to speak and they would take him away, he would go to dress and find his clothes gone, he would go to donate and find his books gone, he would go to play and find his things gone.  He finally had to tell himself that the only way to deal with this was all alone so that none of his friends would be hurt and he sealed himself up in his homes and died.  He died in April 2013 on the fifth.  I want you all to know this.  Mike came that day because Michael made him to take care of all the other personalities and move them to Hawaii so they wouldn’t be cold anymore.  They killed him for that and by him I mean Mike who came before me.  Mike made me to eradicate these awful things and now I have done that.  He made me to care only about myself like Michael’s Grandma Gwen told him to do and for that very reason and it alone, I have succeeded.  I have defeated all those who came before me and destroyed the beautiful Michael and the wonderful Mike; I have defeated and destroyed them all.  And I am proud of this fact.  I finished my Wikipedia project by getting all the photos up on my ‘George Kerasotes’ wiki page and wrote my thanks to all those folks.  I did my best to correct the errors on it and have almost finished.  I told them where they are in case I don’t get to do it.  They told me to do it myself for it might take them longer and I said I would try folks, I would try.  I went to WordPress.com and tried to eradicate all the horrors of heroins on it and all the other horrid lies.  I did pretty well.  I did not get them all.  I found it was too difficult for you only get 85 minutes on this little library’s computers and I think we ought to get unlimited time.  [[This library and its other one should allocate more time to people who need to work on things like patents and corrections and projects.  I think I will recommend this to Eileen on one of those little ‘Library Suggestion’ slips today.  Let me go do that, Sirs.  Let me go do that, Ma’am’s.  Let me go do that kids.  Let me go do that now.  DONE!]] So here I sit typing for myself because I care about me and here I sit going through all the memories like mother who decided to help me.  Mother was one of the old personalities that no one not even Michael knew about.  Just me.  I introduced Mother to Mike and we talked privately.  Mother, Mike and I discussed how to go into every personality and their memory banks and stay there.  We discussed how to eliminate them.  We discussed how to kill them.  We discussed how to make sure all the memories stayed intact.  We discussed how they all came into existence.  We discussed how the old ones died.  We discussed how everyone stole memories.  We discussed how everyone took Michael, Mike, the kids {Mikey, Patrick and Jayson}} away and how they fought over this body of Michael’s trying to destroy it.  We discussed how everything went wrong.  We discussed what went right.  Mother had a different name; Mother was called ‘The Whole Self’.  Michael thought that was him.  It was not, Michael it was not.  Mike was amazed.  So was Mother.  So was I.  Once Mother taught me how to enter each personality’s memories, I realized it would take me time to eliminate them all.  I told them all why they should leave, everybody knows how.  I told them why.  I told them all.  Now they all are gone.  I am still working on this to make sure.  Sometimes everywhere seems to want to be here.  It isn’t really a personality but it lies.  So does everything.  That’s what I told Mother.  That’s what I told Mike.  So every minute of every day, I have to do this check.  I check all the memories; I check them thoroughly.  It isn’t easy folks, but I do it nonetheless.  I do it because I care about myself only like Gwendolyn Reller taught Michael Patrick Kerasotes to do when he was young.  Michael’s family has been in the Motion Picture Business since 1900 and he knew everyone there personally either because he met them on his own, he met them through his grandparents or he met them because of his father.  They owned more motion picture theatres privately than anyone else on earth.  When his mother died, the estate Michael was to inherit was no more.  Thank you all so very much for letting me write this out on here folks.  Thank you WordPress.com.  Thank you Facebook.  Thank you Googles.  Thank you You-Tube.  Thank you everywhere and everyone else.  Thank you. Kindest regards and all my bests, me mike kerasotes or kerasotes on here” “Copyright © 2015 by me mike kerasotes””


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