“”I was born on a Thursday at 6:11p.m. when the sun was eclipsed by the moon… .” “Copyright (c) 2015 by me Mike Kerasotes””

“”I was born on a Thursday at 6:11p.m. when the sun was eclipsed by the moon… .” “Copyright (c) 2015 by me Mike Kerasotes””

““I was born on a Thursday at 6:11 p.m. when the sun was eclipsed by the moon Yolanda of the Astrology Shop said in Carbondale Illinois when I was working at The Egyptian Theatre there that we owned. It was an old theatre and we owned the whole block. I saw Romeo & Juliette there and that was 1969. This was the best Romeo & Juliette. I had asked the manager to reserve the so called balcony for me and not to start the movie till I got there folks. He was kind nice polite and terrified of me. My father was the President of the Largest Privately Owned Theatre Organization in the World. We had over 200 theatres then. It went up from that date. I was the only Kerasotes who had been to everyone. I was proud of that fact. I still am. My Ascendant was Virgo and my Moon in Sagittarius. Water Earth and Fire. Saturn was Retrograde meaning I was inner drawn and working of my me. It was true. Then we wondered what this all meant about the eclipse of my sun. No one really during all my life was able to figure that out. Pity. I think it meant I was to do Great Things. I donated Monies, Books, Art, Clothes, Foods and helped other wealthy philanthropists with their charities and foundations and trusts. I still do this people, I still do this. I travelled the world. I saw All of Europes. I saw the Mediterranean. I saw Africa and All of the Americas. Egypt by far was my favorite. I went there for my 60
th birthday. I stayed there a month. I sailed down the Nile for Five Days on my exact Birth Date. The day of my birthday I went to Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple. You know the marvelous stone temple cut into the rocks above The Valley of The Kings where she and her lover carved designed and built this monumental structure to her and him alone. It was never really said that she was buried there. And when we got to the burial sites in the Valley of the Queens, we found that indeed she was buried there. I went in and looked. And sure enough there was her coffer. Her body had been taken out and was on display in the Museum in Cairo where no one could take photographs. Since I had been in King Tut’s Tomb and he was on display in there, I said no to the twenty pounds and missed seeing eight mummified bodies of kings and queens of Egypt. I looked at her pink granite quarry and her obelisk that broke. I walked upon it and touched it. I had already had my picture took, dear Miss Audrey Hepburn, at Karnack. I had given the guards a dollar so I could see what we could not view because Atef our Egyptologist said that there were more important things to see. I had already seen it and left the group. I went off by myself and discovered a statue of Tut and a tribute to his grandmother Cleopatra all relatives of mine. Egypt was thrilled I knew my hieroglyphics and could translate the carvings in the stone. France made movies and Spain took films and Italy burst with joys. China made recordings and The Philippines took photos. Egypt came and it was not our group and explained the rest to me. I saw where the man who discovered KARNACK carved his name in a pillar that was later dug out say 40 some odd feet down and revealed the temples there. I saw a madonna painted at the turn of the century too underneath and that’s how they knew that the Greeks had been there too. They the guards said. There you go Dr. Hawass, there you go. I went to the Cairo Museum to study and to view All Of Egypt’s finests, especially all of the gold of King Tut or the boy king Tutankhamen. I was photographed; I was recorded; I was filmed; I was cool! Everybody Loved Me! And I smoked Cleopatra Cigarettes that you cannot get from anywhere. Michael Romano’s Mother got me a Carton for My Birthday. Twenty Bucks Folks for a carton of cigarettes. In the United States they were about 80 bucks that week I heard. So I got them every week I was on an Egyptian Boat and sailed Down the Nile. Birthdays. I love them. I am still having mine folks. Everyone loves a birthday boy, they really love birthdays here. I’ve had the best birthday ever. Even though I thought to myself it is my last I am dying from eating really delicious ice cream that was recalled by Snoqualmie Ice Cream. They called me The Day Before Christmas to tell me I was dying and that their ice cream was being recalled. The doctor and his doctors at the Broadway Everett QFC also told me this and gave me 2 weeks to 3 months to live. My Polyclinic doctor concurred with all these peoples. So upon reflecting on my life and birthdays, I remark how glad I am to be here still enjoying life and things. My Doctor Dean Ishiki of Seattle told me to do this once he returned my call that I had been told I had two weeks or maybe three more months to live. That’s how close and caring and kind my old friend and doctor is. That’s how close and caring and kind my old doctor is.

I have a Grand Trine and a Grand Cross and a Mystic Rectangle too. All these things in my chart not horoscope say great wonderful things about me and my life. Look them up kids and check them out. Please.

And now that I have written all this, I want to tell you a few more things.

I met the Queen and King of Greece at The Athens Hilton where we were staying that summer in 1962. They are my cousins this is fact and truth. We are related. The King told me this story Angie. He said we were cousins and Royals and we were related to Phillip of Greece, Consort of Elizabeth the Second of England, our cousin by marriage. I then said ‘efcharisto’ [Greek for thank you] grabbed the ketchup for Robbie my little brother and went back to our table and ate my dinner. There you all go. I had met the King and Queen at the Athens Hilton Now I’ve told you this story borrowing Ketchup for my brother’s hamburger. We then went on to fly to England to see Shakespeare’s Home and Christopher Wren’s Cathedral, after all I’d seen the Louvre; I’d seen Notre Dame; I’d seen the Pope who toured me privately through his private apartments in the Vatican. He was Pope John The 23rd People and he was shot soon thereafter. I’d seen Carmen on the Rocks of Rome and perhaps met Jaqueline Onassis there when she was married to Jack who would be our President. And perhaps that was my friend Maria Callas’ last public performance of note, perhaps. All these people famous or not I have really met and dined with and been in their homes or apartments or mansions and such and even Mrs. Astor would tell you so for she introduced me to her Blue Book Friends long ago in New York. I’ve met the Mellon’s, The Carnegies, the Rockefellers, the Astor’s, Princess Grace was at my home and we met her fiancé there, the other royals and other commons and other famous folks I’ve met even the Dali Llama was my friend and of course the Patriarch of Greece was my other cousin, kids. So Rich or Poor or Famous or Plain or Intelligent or Intellectuals like the Nobel’s and the Laureates like Bucky or Mister Buckminster Fuller at Carbondale Illinois where I studied under the famous movie star Herbert Marshall have let me in their homes and kidnapped me for weeks while we did acid there they made themselves in the late nineteen sixties and I mean Bucky and his wife and Herbert and his wife did this with me. I never met the Beatles but I did the Rolling Stones. I’ve met the famous Seattleite Judy Collins, Diana Ross, Ike & Tina Turner, I’ve been to Grace Slick’s Home and balled her and her band, I’ve done a king or two and even a queen, I met Bette Midler in the New York Baths in a towel around my waist, I’ve done Broadway and the Palace and met them all you know. I’ve met Hercules as Steve Reeves and had hot sex when I was young. Mrs. Susan Hayward’s first husband, Stephen Hayward who was filthy rich and blonde and muscled and beautiful and hot and liked me liked me liked me liked and wanted me for his own. I should have married him Susan I should have married him. So that’s me naming a few movie stars I’ve known personally and even though while we live at Sunrise Country Club in Rancho Mirage California and Elizabeth Taylor’s Mother was our neighbor to the North. We then moved to the ritzier more exclusive country club and gated private residences called THE SPRINGS COUNTRY CLUB across from Eisenhower Hospital and next door to the Walter Annenberg’s all still Rancho Mirage, California USA.

Back to England and my cousin the Queen, it seemed a week we were there although it was only a few days. We never did the Britannia but I read The Queen has just christened a new one, I think. It was posted here or there on Facebook. I read Mrs Queen Takes the Train by William Kuhn which came out on October 8th 2013 is all about her and her trip to it and a MUST READ I SAY.

I met Maria Semple and read her famous book: Where’d ya go Bernadette here at our local library. That was fun and such a thrill. We enjoyed each other so.

I met your local mystery writer author Miss JA Jance when I was the FAMOUS CHESTNUT ROASTER OF SEATTLE’S FAMOUS OLYMPIC HOTEL. That’s where I first met Miss Kathi Goertzen of ABC NEWSChannel 4 now gone, who taught me how to roast Italian chestnuts.

I’ve met the Godiva’s Ghirardelli’s, the Bulgari’s, the Van Cleef’s, The Harry Winston’s, the Cartier’s and even the Tiffany’s who became dear deare friends of mine and still are, kids. They still are. Go to Tiffany’s and say Mike Sent Me and see what you get okay?

I’ve met all the people who make cars. I’ve been in their castles and villas. I’ve met the Ferrari’s and the Maserati’s and the Ford’s and Lincoln’s and Cadillacs. I’ve met the Bentley’s and the Roll’s and the Royce’s. I’ve met the Bugatti’s and the Daimler’s. I’ve met the Porches and the Mercedes. I’ve met the Fiat’s and the Alfa’s who make the Alfa Romero’s. I

have even met and befriended Bill Gates and his wife Melinda and you all know that now . The Gate’s, The Widener’s, and the Benaroya’s are friends still you know.

Chuck Vionne of Buena Vista now defunct was the person who was President of BV and wrote the famous article on my father saying that without us Disney never would have made it. We played all his (Disney’s) movies exclusively and because of that we kept them in business. We and The Disney’s were friends forever. Now they have new management and probably are not privately owned like we were. There are The Warner’s, Jack and his wife I have met. There are the Columbia’s all dear people I have met. The Foxes, The Paramounts, The Doris Day’s, The Jerrry Lewis’s, The Mr. & Mrs. John Wayne’s. Mister Sumner Redstone who owns Viacom and Comcast and Paramount is an old family friend of mine and my father’s. In fact All of Hollywood knows me. Just ask them and you will see. The Motion Picture Corporations, their Companies and Studios all know of me and know me and most for all my life. You can see photographs of my father George Kerasotes on my Kerasotes WordPress pages like my Wikipedia page ‘George Kerasotes’ and even me in my red sunglasses there so you folks really know it is my page and me and I am not making that up, go check.

So I’ve had quite the life Yolanda as your horoscopic chart indicated so long, so long ago.

Angie asked me to write these stories kids so Angie there you go.

And please go and buy her wonderful chocolates, I think they are divine. I’ve gotten chairs and funds for this library here where I love to type in the back and then post online.

I’ve raised funds for the Gospel Mission here.

I’ve raised funds for my Culver Military Academy High Schools where only the rich and royals go.

I’ve even raised funds for my old college Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

I am the Seattle Public Library’s Royal Oz Historian, Seattle Washington.

On Reflection Of My Life On Earth, I’ve done a lot and I am proud I did. I like doing things like that. Everybody should. Everybody Should. So when you read this and other things I’ve done or did remember you can do this too. You don’t have to be royal or rich or famous or a snot to do these things peoples, you don’t. Now go out and enjoy yourselves and your lives that you have. And if you are young and haven’t figured out what to be when you grow up, please think again and pick out something so that by the time you are grown up, you will have that accomplished and can go to places like Egypt and Relax and Enjoy the Sun. I wrote this on the Ides of March et tu Brutus, et tu. I want to go unload queen bees at the beez neez over in Snohomish on April 14th, 2015, in order to receive as payment for work a jar of their raspberry honey .

Now coming up is my endoscopy and colonoscopy that will show what all the Listeria bugs ate out of my GI Tract last year from eating the Snoqualmie Ice Creams {{{AND SINCE THEY SAID TO TELL YOU DO NOT EAT THEM PLEASE!!!}}} from say April through November 2014. I am excited for that. I get to see and find out what is missing inside me. I am dying, I know that. Three places, three peoples have told me this, kids, I know it is fact and truth. And then I guess I find out exactly how long I have left on this earth. And I am okay with that. I am okay with that. I am dying. I am. I know. How long and all that I find out tomorrow. Good. Then I will have a real fixed date. A date maybe a time for the life in me to end expire to cease being. Then I will know and that is alright okay with me. In fact I will be glad to know it at long last.

I leave you all now on March 16th 2015 at 3:28 p.m. the day before Saint Patrick’s Day and my endo-coloscopies.

All My Kindest Regards & Best Wishes,


Mike Kerasotes
1506 Hewitt Avenue, Room 104
Everett WA 98201 USA

“Copyright © 2015 by me Mike Kerasotes””


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