““Another Day Another Story” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””

““Another Day Another Story

Another day another story told by me Mike.  I went to my case manager today and had our second visit.  I like him and I like what we do folks, I like what we do.  We talk of many things none of them ships and sealing wax nor cabbages and kings, no Alice, no rabbit, no watch, no crazy queen, no loony cat, no wonderland at all.  It is fact not fiction.  This is what I live in and like people, this is what I like.   He is very different from all the other people I know.  He does not judge me.  This is nice.  He is there to help me deal with my problems and my life and help me with my skills and things.  He is excellent at it.  I told him so today. We talk for an hour.  No interruptions.  We have a private room.  We do not do email.  We can talk on the phone.  I will have like two sessions per week, one on the phone, and, one in person. 

Thursdays work for us he said today.  I said I have Meals on Wheels on Wednesdays and Thursdays will work out nice.  That will fill in my week of things to do that I like.  That will fill out my week with things to do that I like.  We are just getting to know one another.  We are working on my skills.  We are working from an intake list.  He will print it out for me next week.  That way I will know ahead of time what we are going to talk about.  I can’t wait for the printout.  But I will.  I shall.  I will and shall wait for it to be printed out next week on Thursday folks, I will.

I have to deal with my imminent death.  I have to deal with that.  It is hard I said finding out that I might die this month and not make it any further.  It is possible my doctor said that I might live.  I have terminal illnesses and that depending on what the samples he took on Tuesday show; he and I will know how much longer I have to live or if I have any time at all.

So there you go World, there you go. 

I have to wait till Friday or possibly next week to get the results of my operation’s procedures from my doctor.  He will call they said yesterday to let me know the results. 

When I learn them I will post them here for you all as well. 


March 19, 2015 at 2:13 P.M. a Thursday Afternoon.

Kindest regards,

Mike Kerasotes
1506 Hewitt Avenue #104
Everett WA 98201 USA
michaelkerasotes@gmail.com “Copyright © 2015 by me Mike Kerasotes””


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