““Another reflection on my life and me and my things I’m doing and not the things I have done, people.” “Copyright (c) 2015 by me Mike Kerasotes””

““Another reflection on my life and me and my things I’m doing and not the things I have done, people.  I reflect that at this point my life is hanging by a thread as I await my doctor’s call.  I am still doing things like keeping friendships alive by communicating my thoughts and deeds and what my doctors said.  I visit with them and they call and I call and we keep in touch like that.  If not that way, we communicate on Facebook and other places like the Googles and WordPress.  I am looking for a new home one with Section 8 acceptances.  That way I will have more bucks to play with and buy my things back.  I talked with my pawn broker today about that and we will see what we can do.  I told him about my friend who had his computer stolen and he will keep a look out for the two thieves who stole the thing from my friend.  I told my friend to try the place my broker said and he will go there tonight he said.  My talks for an hour today with my new case manager went well.  I am still going over what he said.  I told him how I do that and he liked my ways.  He said I had good skills today and that made me proud of me and happy.  I feel much better mother.  I feel much better father.  I feel much better kid.  I feel much better me.  I am working on ridding myself of the kid by ways like this you see.  Today I am taking away the voices he has and by tomorrow he won’t have but two.  Then go the silent voices and the other things as well.  He won’t be able to communicate.  He won’t be able to talk.  He will be alone in his private space.  He will be alone in it there.  No way out.  No way to talk.  No way to hear either.  I am sealing him in as I was taught.  AND I FOUND THE WORM HE USES TO ENTER THIS BODY and now that is sealed off.  I feel much better about this.  I feel much better folks.  And world I may have another lease on life.  However long, however short, I may have a new lease on life.  And that is because my doctor told me about this on Tuesday when I had my operations or procedures and that is all now done.  An Endoscopy which is a camera inserted into the mouth that goes in and down through the stomach, the ilium and duodenum and stops.  He took pieces or samples out of there and is studying them today.  A colonoscopy as well I had that day and that is where the insert a camera from the anal end and go throughout the colon or colons as you have three of them.  They look okay.  I have pictures in color this time.  This time they do not go into a book like they did in June of 2013. You can tell it is my colon by the pieces of oatmeal in the photographs peoples, that’s how you can tell.  That’s how you can tell it’s mine.  I guess that makes me famous folks.  I guess that makes me famous.  If not for that then on my wiki page or the rest of my fabulous life that I have led and donated and all my philanthropies that are still going on makes me unique rare and different and I also am proud of that.  Famous is nothing.  Famous is fact.  But to me just being here and alive is the best part of life and living World, that is the best part of life.  So now another reflection on my life and me is that I reflect this above and all these words are real and true and I like what I have written here today.  Thank you World and WordPress and Google and Facebook and all the other places that they say this stuff flows out to, thank you. All my kindest and best regards,



Mike Kerasotes 1506 Hewitt Avenue #104 Everett WA 98201 USA 425-422-5339 michaelkerasotes@gmail.com written on March 19, 2015 at 5:30 p.m.” “Copyright © 2015 by me Mike Kerasotes””


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