“”I had the best moment of my life this morning with my friend and the lady who is helping me find a home.” “Copyright (c) 2015 by me Mike Kerasotes””

“”I had the best moment of my life this morning with my friend and the lady who is helping me find a home with section 8 housing and my new case manager.  She had wanted to talk to him and I told her today that I had just giving him my permission in writing to do so.  Boy Audrey did I do her in.  She beamed and immediately called him.  They talked and discussed my D.I.D. {{{Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multi-Personality Disorder Folks}}} and she said to him that I Mike was honest with her and that made me very, very happy.  I listened and so did my other personality Franklin.  She told him of things I had not heard before and it was intense for me.  He had already been through all of that and as I explained all that to you a year ago Dear Word Press, I was amazed.  We didn’t hear a part of it and even though that is not okay, it was amazing to hear her talk.  Such care and concern over and about my being and all did me in, Audrey, did me in.  She has found me a place.  She is my lifesaver another lady told me.  She and I finished our work and then I went out to sort through all the data I had just learned and heard.  I stopped at the old folks home as I call it, you know, the Carl Gipson Senior Center and I had a cup of tea hot.  I talked with several people I like there and told them how wonderful this morning had been and how nice she was to me.  They all said and agreed that it was a wonderful good thing Miss Martha Stewart, a good thing.  Then I went home and did the things I needed to do to my home for Spring Cleaning.  I fumigated it. I had gathered what I needed for the day and started my trek to return the things I had borrowed from my two favorite libraries.  Up to this one here and then off on a bus to Snohomish.  I got to meet the Jan Kelso the Mother of Kathy and Pat.  I had skipped their place, Kelso Kustom Meats, for the beez neez honey shop for I wanted to tell them how delicious their blackberry honey was and thanks for the invitation on April 14th to unload bees for a free jar of raspberry honey.  The kid was delighted and so was I.  I got a free sample stick of fireweed honey.  I had never tried that.  It was good.  I walked back down the street telling myself that Jan wouldn’t be there and went in to Kelso’s and there she was.  She was so delighted to see me.  She liked Michael [[[The Original Personality]]] that much.  I was impressed and so very, very glad to meet and get a hug from this nice wonderful kind beautiful soul that like Michael so much.  I told her daughter Kathy that I might live a little longer but might have a deadly disease anyway that would eventually kill me.  She was relieved and said she would explain to her mother all about it now because I might have a new lease on life and might just live a little longer.  We will see what the doctor says if he calls today or next week.  I told her I would call and leave a message on their phone if that was alright and she said yes it was.  I bought a Barq’s Root Beer and said I have to catch the bus and left quickly.  I and Franklin got to the Everett Terminal and I caught the 701 Express to the Mall.  I High 5’d the bus driver Diane for waiting for me to run across the street as she held the bus for me.  I was her only passenger.  It is the first day of Spring here my calendar said.  How nice.  I went to the mall and lo and behold it was full of the crafts people that the Mike before me liked so very much and looked at rocks and crystals saw many new things.  Franklin was a horror the whole day long.  I explained to him that I think I am dying and will not be here much longer.  The horror of what he has done for seven years and never stopped once to care enough about him or this body appalls me.  It appalls me.  I showed and explained things and it is the same with him every day.  The same old boring talk.  The same old boring voices.  I decided to leave him here alone without me and that is that.  I don’t know if I can secluded him in his space now for I want him to do his work and or leave.  His work is to stop being mean, stop his voices and his voice and care about him and himself and his body and everything else that goes along with that folks.  I have to go now.  I have this writ out.  Good Night.  Happy Spring, me.” “Copyright (c) 2015 by me Mike Kerasotes””


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