““A series of fortunate events, good beginnings……..” Copyright (c) 2015 by me Mike Kerasotes””

““A series of fortunate events, good beginnings, and the sorts are all that I have seen this year without exception for the wonderful ways of a new friend like Angie Carrozo the owner of Oh Sweet Chocolate, like my lifesaver lady who is going to get me a new home with my Section 8, like Mike the owner of The Firewheel and who I am going to get a Monte Christo Award for because he and his business serve the community and he should have one, and all my old friends who call and write like Russ Hill Michael Campsmith Greg Case Mitzi Austin Addie Lee Pickus Chase Dane Dicke Tony Pock just to name a few all whom care about me and that’s nice, you know.  Then there is my new shall I say therapist Pat who is helping me so very much with all my death problems and all my multi-personality issues and everything else under the sun and I like that and him too.  And the places I go and the people who work there who help me feel good and like me and talk with me about everything under the sun all the way up to the sky and the star I discovered in April two years ago next month.  Places like Anthony’s, like Macaroni’s, like Godiva, like Ben Bridge, like Matt at the Everett Transit Station who gives me High 5 Cards for my favorite bus drivers Renee and Diane and that other guy I know not his name on the 17 to the Mall I like to visit so much, these things I like.  These things are nice for me.  I am fortunate and lucky to have them all in my life this year when so much has befallen me with my imminent death all due to me eating ice cream last year.  And I must not forget Shy at Bartell’s and George Bartell’s and Marilyn and Howard and Greg the best Pharmacist I ever had.  These people are scattered to the four winds now but I have found Shy again and I am glad.  So no matter where my friends are or have been blown to by the four winds, I still have them and they me and for that we all are still happy not glad Pollyanna, for glad is for me and you and we both know that and I miss having you in my circle dear but that is alright.  I miss my Hollywood and my Hollywood Family of Friends like The Disney and His Disneyland.  Then there are the old schools and teachers and classmates of mine that I liked giving to and donating things like my 1952 LIONEL TRAIN SETS to and my COMPLETE EVERYTHING HE EVER WROTE KIPLING FIRST EDITION SET, MY TOKLEIN FIRST EDITION BOOKS ALL OF THEM AND THEIR COMPANION SETS, AND MY ROCK COLLECTIONS THAT I DONATED AND THE COINS AND BILLS THAT I COLLECTED AND DONATED TO SCHOOL ETCETERA AND SO FORTHS.  I miss giving one dollar bill cash to my schools like Culver and SIU.  I miss getting all my books and stuffs, I miss that.  I guess I am reminiscing and all that jazz and I feel saddened now as I write this for I have lost so very much.  Due to the horrors of multi-personalities who came in and destroyed my life and my things – but that would be Michael the Original and The Mike Who Came before Me who are dead now and gone and will never be back.  I am the only multi-personality who had his original human destroyed by evil awful nasty things that cared not about themselves nor him and that’s why Mike made me to care about me and I am the last one in this series of sets of personalities that came from Michael and Mike that split off the main on and his creation that was made to care and integrate them all.  I am not.  I am here to keep them out of this world.  I have done a good job of that and only one little piece of that horror remains.  Each day as I pick off another slug of the thing and destroy it and its pathways to this body of Michael’s that it hates so much and each minute of that day I spend telling it why it shouldn’t be here and what it did to Michael and what it did to Mike and what it did to itself and if that isn’t enough I take it out for a walk and a good day to show it how I care about myself and that is how it should be and do and it learns a little more each day and that makes it cool.  I think by this week I may have it all done.  It has taken me a year and some to rid this world of the things that took Michael away and killed him and his Mike, the things that destroyed his and his life and their homes and their possessions and I do not like these horrors and I told them all so.  I was made not to like them and they all know and knew that.  I was made not to love them nor hate them and they all hated that.  Yet this one this little last one is so dumb about it still for ‘Michael Loves Me’ it still repeats and repeats till it is blue in the gills and it hates it hobbits and it hates it still and yet it repeats its crap and its crud and it punishes the damned and the dead who are not here anymore and I tell it and remind it that these things it talks to are dead and gone and will never hear it again so why what you precious little time honey doing such damned things like your dumb rituals of repeating and your dumb ways of ruining your history by telling yourself lies and throwing away all the good things like my old friend Judy Garland says so beautifully and wonderfully in her last film made in England called I COULD GO ON SINGING and I sing only for me because I care about myself and I care about me and whether I am alone or not I always will and I am always a sellout and I always will be and to hell with everybody for that’s what they said to me to hell with you baby to hell with your song and your voice and your star and your life and your home and I said no Judy you will always be a star and loved and adored no matter where you are and she cried and clutched me and off we went in our boat a 1947 mahogany Chris Craft made just for dad George and mother Marge in the Florida’s I think and it cost over $157,000 and to think it wasn’t worth ten when it was stolen because Robbie took the engine to Florida and it was a Chrysler Straight 8 and the only one of its kind because dad didn’t like Chris Craft engines and specifically stated he wanted a Chrysler not Chris Craft in his boat okay.  And I took her to the Yacht Club for a Steak and Martini of Gin and we got plastered that day and had to leave the boat there.  My friends the Hunters were there and took us to their old home for they were building a new one and we went to that place to see it bombed on our asses and Miss Garland Stated So Loudly & So Well.  And then off to the Hotel Downtown where she stayed while she visited us for a week or was it two.  Then home again Dorothy home again Toto and home again me for I am tired of typing and typos and things and I quit.

Kindest regards me.

And I wrote this on March 24th 2015 at my library in Everett 98201 USA!” “Copyright © 2015 by me Mike Kerasotes””

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