“”Death & Dying Part Two” “Copyright (c) 2015 by me, Mike Kerasotes””

““Death & Dying Part Two — Death and dying part two is now that I have finished my tests and my doctor called and said to call him I am thinking about my life.  My life has been quite the adventure.  Really it has.  I am glad to have been here and glad that I got the chance.  I am glad of all that too.  I seem to have had quite the luck and quite the chance at life.  I have done much.  I have done a lot.  I have even given some back.  I did like collecting.  I did like philanthropy.  I did like music and I do like movies.  I wanted to do a play but I never did have the funds.  Maybe now that I am getting a new place with my Section 8 housing, I may.  That would give me a couple hundred more bucks a month.  My payee said today that I might even be in a higher category now that I’ve turned 65.  He said that today.  I like that.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a thousand bucks a month?  I will have to wait until April 3rd to know or maybe this Friday I will know because he’s going to check and see and then when we meet that day, he will tell and show me otherwise we have to wait until I get my social security check on the 3rd of April 2015.


Death and dying part two means that soon my life will end.  I have already faced that.  I know my body is dying and giving into the disease.  I can’t keep my food in and it looks like blood when I have my movements.  I have a lot of pain and nobody ever addresses that.  I have pain all day long.  I tire easily and run out of breath.  I hurt.  I am dying and I know it and so do my doctors and friends.  So I am dealing with it okay they said today, I am dealing with it okay.


As far as regrets go, I have none.  I did everything I set out to do and more.  Isn’t that great?  I think so.  And now I tire of typing and must stop.


Kindest regards me. 


PS:  I wrote this and finished at 5:56 p.m. today March 25, 2015.”


“Copyright © 2015 by me, Mike Kerasotes””


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