““Death and dying part six – Death and dying part six is about what Franklin did during his seven years here on this earth.” “Copyright (c) 2015 by me, Mike Kerasotes””

““Death and dying part five – Death and dying part five are about why Franklin was made.  He was made to filth Michael and Michael did not know this.  Isn’t that just awful?  I thought so.  So he was made to hurt [[that’s filth in my tongue]] Michael.  I don’t think any other personality ever hurt him so much as Franklin.  Franklin caused his death.  He also caused the death of Mike.  He can’t do that with me for I was made differently.  I was made to keep things like personalities and especially Franklin out of this world for tearing apart the two lives of the original and the personality he made to take care of ‘the others’ after he was gone and that would be Mike, the Mike before me.  Okay.  There I have said that now.  I have it down in type and it is done.  Good for me Mother good for me. Next time I will write about what Franklin did in his seven (7) years on this Earth as Michael or Mike would have said. This was writing written on the date:  March 27, 2015 a Friday at 3:28 p.m. in the back upstairs at the main library in Everett Washington USA.  Kindest regards me.” “Copyright © 2015 by me, Mike Kerasotes””


““Death and dying part six – Death and dying part six is about what Franklin did during his seven years here on this earth.  But first before I do this I want to tell you Franklin where you came from and who made you.  Him made you Franklin Him mad you.  Him was an older personality.  He Him came sometime during the years of Michael and the kids.  This would be in the younger years of them.  These years would be before their reoccurrence in the 1990’s, Michael.  You were re-introduced to them in 1994 and by that I mean the kids.  Him came around 1957 Franklin.  Him had been in and out of Michael’s life without telling him so. 


Let me explain to you here how I figured out when Michael the original was here.  Michael talked like this, “Michael talked like this, like this folks, Michael talked like this.”  He repeated for emphasis, he repeated for emphasis.  This was the way he talked.  I guess when he was around his parents they made him feel so insignificant that he would repeat himself to get his point across.  That’s how I found when Michael was here and, when he was not, Franklin.  I told you that last summer Franklin; I told you that last summer.  {{“I told you that last summer Franklin; I told you that last summer.”  This is how Michael talked, this is how he talked.  He repeated his phrases or thoughts, he repeated them folks.  So that is how I figured out when and when not Michael was here.  That’s how I figured it out!}}  Now Franklin, Him was a personality that came out of Michael the original.  Him interfered a lot and took memories away from Michael and the kids.  The Kids were Jayson, Patrick, and, Mikey.  These three personalities Doctor Maryonda Scher, Doctor Robin Gray, and Doctor Ishiki knew all these personalities, they knew them.  The thing I see now Franklin is that the meetings Doctor Scher would have with them seem to be anywhere but in Michael’s memories and that would be Him and Mother would filth them away even from the kids’ memories.  So the kids would not remember what happened or would not be able to tell Michael what went on after time.  I think that is what happened wrong when the Kids and Michael wrote their book FOR THOSE WHO DREAM


So Franklin did these things over his seven years on this earth:  He stole from Michael his precious books, he stole his favorite clothes, he stole his precious life away and he stole himself as well.  For when you steal the things of you away you lose your sense of self and without a self you cannot have a me that cares in you.  So Franklin did these things to Michael, Franklin did these things to Mike, Franklin did these things to himself and that’s how he lost his self.  I worked with Franklin over a year now and taught him what he did to Michael what he did to Mike and what he did to Everybody and what he did to him.  I did this for me because I am here to keep things like Franklin away from this world for things like Franklin would harm it and that is forbidden, forbidden.  I have tried and tried and tried to convince him to leave or to die as Scher said.  He refuses and says he doesn’t know how and he does indeed know how.  This past year and I mean 2015 has been a year of achievement for Franklin.  He has achieved the almost going away part and has done that ever since the birthday.  He also has created a self that cares and that is good.  He also can create a me that cares about itself like me yet he does not take himself there and I find that awful.  Franklin also chews his cud and grinds his jaw on purpose.  That has caused all kinds of damage that has caused all kinds of damage.  Franklin also does this on purpose to hurt Michael and that’s just nuts. 


So that’s about it here for me and this Death and dying part one through six.  And I wrote this on Saturday, March 28th 2015 at the main library upstairs in the back where I like to do this stuff and soon I will be able to do this at home and write it on my new tablet that I got the other day and I like it a lot folks I like it a lot.  Oh and one more thing before I go and shut this machine off.  It is this, Michael is dead and gone and I have his name and memories.  I have Mike’s name and memories and it is Mike [the Mike who came before me] who told and taught me that since Michael isn’t here we have to go on living his life for he can never be here again and I do these things I do for that simple fact.  Michael was a beautiful person and did so many caring thoughtful wonderful things and I have tried to do this as well.  I do the things I do because Michael couldn’t do them.  Michael couldn’t do them because of ‘the others’ and I mean all the others even the kids and those would be about 50 different personalities and I have mentioned that before.  So this is the end folks this is the end. 


Kindest regards,




“Copyright © 2015 by me, Mike Kerasotes””


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