“”My Journal —” “Copyright (c) 2015 by me, Mike Kerasotes””

““My Journal—

My journal for today is different.  I went and sold my ashtray for ten dollars to Bryan.  He’s going to sell it for $30.00 he said.  It was the first bakelight plastic and had ten foreign coins in it.  He was happy to pay me cash.  I liked it.  I went and spent five of it at McDonalds.  I had the new Jalepeno Chicken Thing for two dollars, the small fries, and the big dollar coke.  Fun.  Heather was the Manager.  She new of Rob the guy at the place where you write comments online and I told her that story. That story is this:  one day at the McDonald’s on Everett & Broadway I was talking to the help and mentioned that I had just written a nice thing about them.  He Rob turned around and said oh, you’re that Mike who always puts the date, the address, the store, the names of the people who worked there, how nice it is to come here, how nice they are, and your name number address date and email.  I said yes.  He goes good to meet you.  I go likewise.  He said why do you do that?  I said for people like you to write me.  We don’t.  I know I think you should.  He said we’ll think about it.  Now I get notes from there and coupons from there on my gmail.  Isn’t that nice.  I ordered my stuff and it came and I ate it and I left and as I was walking to the bus, Ronnie yelled at me Mike want a ride?  I said sure Ronnie, thanks.  I walked to his Mitsubishi Jeep and got in with my lit cigarette and my pizza from Safeway closed the door and off we went in the rain.  It was nice.  He told me he was in a bad mood and getting out of it.  I said neat.  I said good.  I said thanks again for the lift and letting me smoke.  He wanted to know what was in my bag and I showed me my new big heavy thick pizza a Safeway Special for $3.99.  I couldn’t rent $2.99 movies because I didn’t have a bank card and I think I will go and complain.  Maybe on their Facebook Page or online.  I know I can complain on their survey site.  So off we went zipping through puddles laughing and talking and having a nice time.  Good.  Fun.  Neat.  Nice. 


So here I am at BarMyx and I am typing on my word app on my new tablet. 


I didn’t get to Verizon to complain I didn’t get the charger part and I am going there tomorrow. 


www.coinmach.com csc  service service work — service request online. 


8:49 P.M. March 29, 2015.


I called the washing machine place and you couldn’t leave a message and online I went to do what the lady said and you have to have the machine number so I have to wait until I get home.  The bartender is singing “Luck Be A Lady Tonight” and he’s good.  He is nice to me.  I like that.  Like Mike always said.  I like that.  So there Mike for you. 


I think I will stay for a little bit longer and listen to them sing.  If I can’t do that, I will go out and smoke again or I will walk around and say hello to people for a lot of them are here now and it is 9:15 P.M.  Ted is singing Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline. It was good.


I don’t know about this so I think I am going to go home.  I am not sure I want to stay.  This guy who is now singing cant sing well.  Not awful just not well.  What to do Mother, what to do.  I want to save this to my SD chip but I am not sure it will work.  I tried it earlier and I was glad it was saved to my flash drive.  I just found five bucks.  Thank you bar, thank you.  Two times ago I found a twenty dollar bill.  Gads, just when I’d spent five bucks at McDonald’s and was not complaining about it to myself and here I find five more bucks.  Neat.  Cool.  Fun.  Gee.  Well now what?  The guy who doesn’t sing well is the DJ Tonight.  Nice.  I like his style.  He is getting them up there or here as he says to sing spiritually.  My.  Tracy is singing for Julie.  You were always on my mind.  Kevin is next.  He’s cute.  I just met him.  No, he cant sing well either too high.  Oh well.  Now this guy singing day after day I look confused could sing, he’s feeling strange and wants to get lost in his rock and roll and drift away.  He has a good alto but lousy high.  He should stay low Marie, low.  He’s better down there.  They all seem to sing too high.  Maybe they get nervous out there in front of us.  Maybe.  Okay, that’s it, I’m done.  I think I will try and save this now.  I did and Blake is the Singing Bartender. Ted is back on. And David is the DJ.


The end.  Me.” “Copyright © 2015 by me, Mike Kerasotes””


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