“”Sad News Again Today I have Prostate Cancer 7.2 0r 5 Marge said my APS for the KLK3 gene was prostate cancer and she’d schedule me an appointment with a urologist.” “Copyright (c) by me, Mike Kerasotes””

“”Sad News Again Today I have Prostate Cancer 7.2 0r 5

PSA KLK3 PDB 2ZCK Prostate Picture

Marge said my APS for the KLK3 gene was prostate cancer and she’d schedule me an appointment with a urologist.

from Wikipedia: 

“Risk stratification and staging —

Men with localized (non-metastatic) prostate cancer may be characterized as low-, intermediate-, or high-risk for prostate cancer mortality. PSA level is one of three variables on which the risk-stratification is based; the others are the grade of prostate cancer (Gleason grading system) and the stage of cancer based on physical examination and imaging studies. Criteria for each risk category are as follows:

Low-risk: PSA < 10, Gleason score ≤ 6, AND clinical stage ≤ T2a
Intermediate-risk: PSA 10-20, Gleason score 7, OR clinical stage T2b/c
High-risk: PSA > 20, Gleason score ≥ 8, OR clinical stage ≥ T3″

“so not only what eating Snoqualmie Ice cream and what I got from that the Humes, Chones, and Iritable Bowel Syndrome Diseases plus 7 more and then 77 more from that I already have my doctor at the Polyclinic said.  My new PCP or Primary Care Physician said that it is good I am having a CAT Scan tomorrow for the Small Intestines {{where all the pains seem to come from I told the doctor}} and Pancreas.  He gave me a blood test and took my urine sample.  That’s how I found out I might have cancer of the Prostate.  From the Wikipedia stuff above, it looks like I already do.  I think it went like this:  I might live to December but not make it to Christmas.  Sad folks sad.  I go to the urologist on April 24th at 11:45 a.m. for my 1:00 p.m. appointment.  I told my case manager in a phone message and he called me back.  How am I dealing with all this death stuff I asked and answered well I gues.  He said yes Mike.  I and he talked awhile more and then I went out and I saw my friend Angie and she gave me a big hug.  I went to Goodwill and got three new shirts.  I came back home and I believe the order should be I talked to my case mananger went shopping saw Angie and came home to eat and go to sleep at 6 p.m..  I slept until 8:30 a.m. then remember that if you have cloudy urine night sweats and frequent get up in the middle of the night urinating you have prostate cancer I believe that’s how it goes.  The technician said there are lots of possibilities and good luck.  She did my Cat Scan at Providence in Everett.  I know this is mixed up and out of order folks but the gist of it is this.  I might have till December to live but not make it to Christmas and that is alright with me.  At least I will have Summer.  I like that idea.  I liked Summer last year.  I will like one more please God. I think I am done for now and want a cheap mocha of Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha from The FireWheel Mike LaPointe’s shop for here at Jenn’s it is now $6.77 something before tax for one and that is too expensive and outrageous for a medium mocha when you can have one for $3.50 at Mike’s.  I guess I won’t be shopping for coffee at Bookends anymore.  But if you all can afford it go there for she has good coffee and I like it.  I think I want to stop now so I will.  Wish me luck and such with all this horrible stuff.  Thanks ahead of time, me.” “Copyright (c) by me, Mike Kerasotes””


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