“”Note to Franklin about …………. !” “Copyright (c) 2015 by me, Mike Kerasotes””

““Frankly you, I really don’t care how you stay in reality but the fact that reality is where all the fun hurt good bad love hate care don’t care truth and beauty [Michael’s Keats]  all exist.  The trick you see is knowing why you are here.  Your ole protests and tricks don’t apply.  You must apply all you’re here and nows and those pasts and not nows where you lived all day long or all the time hurting you with your voices grinding crunching pissing farting filthy things & of course the lets arrest Michael for the simple reason that he isn’t here and how you beg and blame every thing you can just so you can hurt [and now it isn’t just hurting Michael because now you know he isn’t alive any more] and the places and the ways you go to; the things you do to your beautiful questions and how you never do admit who you are what you are  and the blame of the doing these things you attach to every person man woman child thing is so hellish and what do you do with that now?  You repeat the stupid stuff hurt your self and try to explain these treasons and treacheries and the fun you could have had instead of the routine of trying to make something some one else is never going to do and evidently neither are you with the time you have left kid, I have finally put it out here for you like no one else ever did Franklin and guess what.  Instead of stopping your crap you drive your going to town persistent bad habits and where is your rest your reward your non completely insane ways or is that just the statement of the thing that decides not to care about itself because there is always some other insanity to live in and hurt in instead of the reality of the place you are in because of what you – YOU YOU KNOW YOU FRANKLIN the grinding hurting let me ask you if you are going to have sex with imaginary people and then the blaming them and what me or is it you who lie about the inadequacies of whomever your imaginary people are having with me or you or whatever’s and you don’t really  periods as mike the mike before me would have said. 

I left and you were put here to show yourself that you care.  Your care needs a me or an I not a bunch of you’s that ____ {{here a word perhaps a feeling a reward an accompanied real emotion or real thought or deed action accompanied thing that expresses to you that you care.  So now that you have this real care in a real reality Franklin you should be learning what you like dislike need don’t need and all the things the real Michael the original spent a lifetime acquiring and that’s what you all took away destroyed killed in him and by the stolen memories you all had I saw and will continue to always see in the all of you and since I will never leave your memories or all of your memories the whole complete sets of the things each of you stole from him and etcetera.  Here let me try this a different way for you like I did for every one of you.

You have say this emotion of say hurt.  You tremble you twitch or you cry or itch or put on the air of the emotion without the feeling.  Okay now all of us were and are things.  Remember what Mike told you in the Village that first week he was there?  Well?  Okay so you do.  It is nice to me that you at least have some of the memories of the man the person Michael Made to Integrate and Take Care of AND take you through the rest of your days teaching showing learning and helping and that is all CARE kiddo CARE.  Now once he told and showed you all that, you all what Franklin????

_______________________ ß— the stuff that will never be put out in words or voice or as you all called them voices…. Because that is how you killed the original.  You all did that, NOT MIKE.  Him YOU KILLED with CARE and the Care OPPOSITES.  Michael you killed with LOVE HATE!! 

REMEMBER you all that MICHAEL told you all about you and your opposites.  POINTLEESS HATEFUL HURTFUL CHILD LIKE MEAN LOONY OPPOSITES and most all of you and you opposites were incorrect like this POLY and the Buses and the Black and the White.  The use of these tormenting tricks destroyed your selves in you all so that you all never had a self that cared about itself.  You all took you destroyed and anything Michael thought was say priceless was removed stored in you people {you know that’s what he all called you because of the care in him for all of you.  You all broke off him to stay unwell.  SOME OF THESE Personalities or the idea that such a thing could exist or be created like you Franklin were created by another personality so HIS DOCTOR SCHER Discussed.  I said to you all that you all then should of announced your presence like his kids did but (and Franklin you were not there then please hold on to that self in you that cares now and don’t let go of if and keep remember his words to you and these words here –à that .  moving on to the how to make a me in your you that can be an I that thank you Franklin and that me I can care about that the self there in you and then you will finally have achieved what you call the impossible do me to you it is not impossible it is there in you and you need to hold on to it and then you wont hurt and want to hurt!! Then you will have achieved the special thing you hold dear and kept repeating {{ there ß– for the ‘there’ is a thing that Mother and I said I will never tell you out loud because you never answered Michael or the Mike before me or me or Mother.}} it until you tired of that.  So dear Franklin you are stuck here and in the pain you created for someone who is dead and they will never feel it nor hear of it or of you ever again, you stupid idiot thing.  You have crunched yourself to death from this writing here which was like last Friday and this Friday the 10th 0f April 2015 days of hellishness and pain from you to your body which I told you that day I will never inhabit again.  Pat came to see me and off to the Mall we went.  I got some my Zoa of Verizon Everett Mall Store to fix my tablet and it works to this day thank you Zoa and then I went to see about some free samples of candy at my favorite candy store and to Ben Bridge for some free coffee and next to the Foot Locker to get me some new free red Reeboks my shoe guy wasn’t in so I said what else can we do and he said I have the lanyard picked out for you at this store down here and off we went to go buy that on him and we talked of free clothes and money for food and for things and he’s going to get me a card for Walmart or Target and maybe a bus pass and a card for food at Safeway like Krystyna did for me a long time ago.  Then he came again today a week later.  He was here yesterday that was the Mall Day.  Now maybe Monday he will have a card a pass and a thing for these things for me.  That will be fine.  And still you crunch your jaw to death and you can’t see out of your right eye and the pain and the pains of you chewing and crunching have broken your fingers and bones of your right hand and I don’t know where else and I gave him permission to talk to my doctors but I did not give my doctors permission to talk to him so that is a rut he will have to figure out.  And I think I will post this anyway and write what I never wanted to tell anyone but him yesterday and we got interrupted by the things he could do for me to help me out in my poverty stricken situation all due to you and your kind who killed Michael and Mike the Mike before me and everyone else you knew.  No home you threw that away.  No furniture you threw that away.  No clothes you threw them away.  No books you threw them away.  No rocks from Egypt or Galen or Michael you threw all that away.  And you threw away everything else you could and I have never met these people but Mike the Mike before me who created me on March 9th 2014 a Sunday Morning at The Strawberry Patch Café in Everett Washington USA.  So crunch baby what are you doing but killing your body for someone else as you blame them for it and never stop your foolish stuff to be out of pain?  Well I am done here. And now you are still blaming Michael who was never here for it and crunching yourself to death with you jaw crap you idiot and I should have Pat call Snoqualmie Ice Cream for they are the ones who told me I was dying from eating their ice creams twice and then a third time with the QFC Doctors and their call to Snoqualmie and the QFC doctors I believe last January 22nd 2015 when they said I have about two weeks or three months left to live.  Those three months is up this April 22, 2015.  Then I have prostate cancer of the intermediate second stage.  I have not heard back from the Polyclinic or the Borish re either the CT scan or the Prostate Stuffs.  So I hope they tell Pat and I am done here you fouled thing you.  me!” “Copyright © 2015””


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