““A Letter to Mother” “Copyright © 2015 by me, Mike Kerasotes””

““A Letter to Mother 


Dear Mother,


Mother, it is I me.  Remember me?  I lost you last year at the end of May 2014.  This is the marking point of when things began to go right for me.  I had a wonderful time at first and then things started to fail.  Everything got corrupted.  Memories got corrupted.  Lies started to sound like truth.  Is that what happens to when everything goes wrong?  I don’t know what to write.  I know you are dead and gone and cannot hear me.  I know that.  It seems that every moment of the day I spend talking to you anyway.  We agreed that I would do that because of what happened to Mike, the Mike before me.  He talked to his Mike, his God, the original Michael and everyone and everything took it out on him for that.  That’s what we agreed upon Mother, that’s what we agreed upon.  Now I do it all day long and I wonder if I am wrong.  I wonder if we were wrong.  Were we?  Were we wrong? 


A year has almost passed Mother, a year has almost passed.  It will be Greek Easter Sunday April 12, 2015.  It is a marking point for me.  It is marked because that is when Everything Good started going wrong.  Awful!  And boy did things go wrong.  It seems like Michael’s “Bad Days” began and never stopped for me.  Franklin pretended every day not to know how to go away when everyone did.  I began to falter and I knew that the stories I told were just that – stories.  I tried to correct everything and did pretty well at first.  I got through many pages of WordPress and I got through the George Kerasotes wiki page.  I corrected all the errors I could find and by the end of the year I had it all good with many new photos.  I did well with that one thing and I am proud of my work and that.  Not that anyone cares at all Mother, not that anyone cares but me.  Michael isn’t here to see it.  Neither is Mike nor you.  I am the only one who likes it.  Just me Mother, just me.  I wish all Michael’s friends would like it but they never wrote me back.  Mike’s friends we never see.  Mabel and Hellen and the upstairs Puerto Rican Lady I saw a couple of times at the Senior Center.  I saw Mable again on the bus and she said she was going around trying to find his stuff.  I thanked her even though it was a pipe dream Mother, I thanked her.  I saw Hellen the other day last week and she agreed that is was a lost cause.  I think Mother that if you were here you would be appalled.  The things that have happened and the horrors of these awful lousy days would shock you.  I find myself out here lost and afraid and dying and hurting and lonely.  Lonely is a new one for me Mother, lonely I do not like.  I really have no one I talk to like you dear mother, no one here like you.  I think that means I miss you Mother, that’s what I think that means. 


So Happy Easter Mother, Happy Easter from me!”


“Copyright © 2015 by me, Mike Kerasotes””


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