“”To Patrick Moll-Nevins my case manager and to my Father Mike the Mike before me and my Grandfather that i never met Michael the original.” “Copyright (c) 2015 by Mike Kerasotes””


““Hello Library Terminal #10


Hello library terminal #10!  I am here again.  It is Saturday, April 11, 2015, at 2:34 p.m.  It was raining as I walked here and when I entered I realized that it had stopped.  Mike, the Mike before me is not here.  He is dead and gone and shall not be forgotten.  I think I will tell the wiki’s that I am not dying and that I have a new chance or lease on life.  I may have cancer but it is not terminal.  Then I will have the chance to correct the last few errors on the George Kerasotes page of mine.  There Mike, there.  I will do this for you and for you alone.  I did it for me and Michael, now; I will do this for you, kid.  OK.


April 11, 2015




Dear Wiki:


This is to let you know that although I have cancer it is not terminal. Then I will have the chance to correct the last few errors on the George Kerasotes page of mine.  If it gets that way, I will let you know. 


Kindest regards,


Mike Kerasotes

1506 Hewitt Avenue #104

Everett WA 98201 USA



Page 2

April 11, 2015


And continuing from my entrance into this library and remembering how Mike loved it here so very much, I began to cry.  I stopped.  I teared.  I cried some more in my silent way like Michael the original did.  There Mike, there Michael, it is I (the ‘me’) that cared about itself and still does Father Mike.  And although I never met you Grandfather Michael, I wish you and Father Happy Greek Easter. 


It has been a long grueling time here library and I am about at my end.  I don’t think anyone cares but me.  I talk to people every day and they never do say a thing about me dying.  Not even Pat my new case manager of Sunrise.  I thought I liked him a lot but now, I am not sure.  I think he misled me.  I think so.  He told me that he did not judge me and now he wants to talk to all my doctors.  I did not give my doctors permission to talk to him.  I told him to call the Snoqualmie People in California.  I do not know if he did.  I think he should.  I really do think he should call the people who called me up the day before Christmas to tell me I was dying from eating their ice cream.  Do that Pat, do that.  I will not have another chance to tell you.  Know that I know I am dying because of all the horror of living this life with the thing that will not leave.  I also have the horror of the two new things I call cancer and the ice cream disease.  From that ice cream horror I got three new diseases.  From them I got seven more.  From them I got seventy seven more.  Awful, just awful and the way I feel every day just gets worse and you never do ask me how I am nor how I am feeling, why?  Don’t you care about my health or are you just like all the other people in my life?  Excuse me.  There are a few who do care like my payee and his receptionist ====================================================

Page 3

April 11, 2015


Chuck and Shirley of Financial Management Services and that is about the sum total except for the Store Director of QFC Kim.  You might want to talk to her and her doctors.  They also confirmed that I had like two weeks to live and maybe three months and that day is almost here Pat almost here.  The day they talked to me was on January 22nd, 2015 a Thursday Afternoon say around three o’clock p.m.  Three months from that day is April 22nd, 2015.  That would be another Wednesday.  Please consider talking to them, please, please, please. 


Kindest regards,


Mike Kerasotes” “Copyright © 2015 by Mike Kerasotes””



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