““A LIST OF THINGS TO DO:” “Copyright © 2015 by me, Mike Kerasotes””



Thursday April 23rd 2015 Morning around eleven and I am writing for myself again and this writing will be a list of things I think I want to do like making a new Facebook Page called “The Kerasotes Family” because Wikipedia keeps messing with my page.  Yesterday I put up another approved photograph and Neil took it and three other photographs that they put up for me off.  I am unhappy.  I am going to write Elena Salvatore, Matthew of Photo Submissions and Johan about it.  Then I will see if they or he rearranged them and go from there.


Next I want to call my phone company and see about making payments.


Then I want to check with my payee and see what that was about.  I know one part of it was my new doctor card from Molina. 


Then I want to write about Franklin because he never changes never gets better always says he wants to care about himself like Michael told him to and I did.  I want to do this to help him not me.  I think it will. 


After that, I guess I want to call my doctor about my CAT SCAN.


That is about it for now.  I am done.  Me, Mike Kerasotes” “Copyright © 2015 by me, Mike Kerasotes””

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