““Franklin has decided to stay and that is okay. “Copyright (c) 2015 by us. kerasotes””

““Franklin has decided to stay and that is okay.  AND THAT IS OKAY.  I me Mike Kerasotes has told him so.  I did it because it helps him it helps us it helps me.  I care about myself and I am trying to teach Franklin to care about himself.  That way he won’t hurt.  That way he may might feel better about himself and have a self.  It you get that self you are a person a being a thing a someone a someone who cares.  Franklin has done more than any other personality before him.  He chose a name.  A name for himself he gave himself one day.  It was here at the library, I told you about it.  Franklin has done a million things no other personality has done.  I told him so.    It has helped.  We have fought terribly.  Last month was the hardest month of all.  I chose not to speak to him.  I did it because I needed it.  I needed it for me.  I was dealing with death with trying with doctoring with all these things and moving and the ifs and the horrors of a personality that stays unwell and hateful becomes mean and that is trying hard on the nerve’s hard on one’s nerves.  It is an awful untollerable thing.  I don’t want to put Franklin in this body anymore because it hurts it.  It is wrong.

I have decided to do it this way:  Keep Him Out/Keep Me In.  This is right.  That way he can’t physically hurt himself.  See……..

He should stay in his world and this one in a way that he is removed from here but here just the same.  That way he could stay in reality.  That way we wouldn’t hurt.

There are other things to talk about and mention on here in this about this.  I will try.  Me and Franklin worked on writing this.

Franklin tries to hurt people who are not here or dead.  I think this is terrible stupid and dumb and MEAN.  You will never get well or integrate that way Franklin. Me.

Today is Saturday, May 02, 2015 and we want to go to the rock and gem show.  See ya.

Kindest regards,

Me and Franklin

Mike Kerasotes

1506 Hewitt Avenue #104

Everett WA  98201 USA


michaelkerasotes@outlook.com” “Copyright © 2015 by us””


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