“Me & My New Bug Copyright (c) by me Mike Kerasotes”

Me & My New Bug

Hello who are you?  I am not a caterpillar nor am I three inches tall Alice.  I am me the me that cares about itself and I have a self that cares about me.  That self is the me I made.  We are not two people or things.  We are not separate.  It took me over a year to make this me that I am.  I am still working on it Michael, still working on it Mike. 

I had a fun day everybody, I had a fun day.  I got me a little bug a trilobite from Morocco.  He is black and when I pet him he gets all shiny.  He loves it I told Dana and she said he does.  Everybody loves him even the bus driver.  She really liked and wants one and I told her yesterday that it was there all day long and they were only nine dollars.  I gave up cigarettes and a McDonald’s burger, even Ali said okay.  And off I went back because I didn’t buy even though I had ten dollars in my passport wallet that I took to Egypt when I was 60 and it was my birthday.  I show everybody the Visa I got & the Homeland Security & the U.S. Customs Office said I was the First One To Get The New Stamp.  I saw all kinds of rocks and gems and stones and sculptures and rings and diamonds Marilyn, diamonds a glore.  I saw opals from India from Madagascar.  I saw Tourmaline.  I saw Garnet.  I saw fossilized animals so big I thought they were from the Squid in the Original 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.  $250.00 Dennis said.  He was the nice man who let me have the little Trilobite.  He told me and explained why I should get it.  It was Iron in Clay and Stone and Beautiful.  You picked the best one and I said thank you.  He said this big one is really nice you know how to pick your bugs.  I love the old story of you and your little brother looking for them in the 1950’s.  $30,000 for a little bug how neat!  I was going to say more but he went on.  I know that they did things like that long ago and when I was little it was 10,000,000 bucks for a horse.  Gads I went Geez.  My my my.  I would have gone on but he handed me my bug in a box wrapped up in a tissue and off I went to home and my bus.  The place was closing and it was six.  I made it out after telling the nice ladies in the front who gave little girlies and boylies a rock.  I told them thank you and off I went. 

Outside I smoked a cigarette with Flynn of Colorado.  He also liked my bug.  He gave me one of his roll your own cigarettes and said he made them with Canadian Whiskey and I liked it.  It was saved for later.  And later the cig was good.  I enjoyed it and his gift.  Going back we caught the bus that had to be called and went on down the route.  I got off at Ali’s the Smoke Shop on Pacific and Hoyt that I like best and ordered up a pack of my favorite cigarettes.  I showed him the bug and he marveled.  I went off and out and smoked and played with my bug in the setting sunlights.  Beautiful fun and enjoyment.  Oh My.  Oh My.  Oh My.  Then I guess I went off to get me a coke.  I knew that my little bar would be open and I wanted a coke bad.  I went in and cute precious little muscled up babe Matt was there shirtless and in tight black underwear.  His pecs were bigger and bulgier.  I told him.  I also told him how pretty he looked and asked if that alright and he said from you Mike YES! I reached out to pet him and bulgie muscled chest and he purred and smiled and showed his pretty white teeth.  Oh was that nice.  He was soft and smooth and unshaven down there.  I told him how nice that felt and I think he was speechless.  I said that’s enough Matt I’m going out to smoke. But before I did that I had showed him the little bug.  He didn’t know what one was nor how old that was so I told him and the four people at the other end of the bar asked if they could see it and I said yes and told Matt to go show them and I went out. 

 Me my bug millions of years old, stood in the sunset while I admired Him.  So Cool So Neat This Little Bug, I Got Him because of Michael and his constant search for a Trilobite.  So Michael I have one and I am pleased with my choice my purchase my thing, my bug. 


I had had two of these nice days in a row kids, two.  The day I found out my jaw wasn’t broken and spent hours walking to the Alderwood Mall.  And, the day of yesterday.  Today is starting out rather neatly as well.  It is going to be sunny and warm.  I have rainbows on my wall already and it is only eleven am.  I like it sunny and warm I have decided and this year we have had more sunny warm days than any thing else, I believe.  The Winter was Very Mild.  The Spring, too.  So here I sit writing my story.  It is pleasant and wonderful here and I think I feel good.  Now, I think I will close stop end this little writing.  Good Morning Good day Good afternoon for that is what you will be when I get to the Library to post you.

    Here are a few pictures of him:  DSCN9221 DSCN9228

Done on this Sunday May The Third Two Thousand Fifteen.

me Copyright © 2015 by me Mike Kerasotes”

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