“”THE DAY OF THE HUMMINGBIRDS” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””


The day of the hummingbirds was last year.  i was walking down Colby Avenue here in Everett Washington USA and i went to throw my cigarette butt into the cigarette bin.  All of a sudden a pair of hummingbirds flew up and greeted me.  They then flew into their tree.  I turned after they flew in to their nest and threw away my butt.  I started to take a step when two more hummingbirds flew up to me and clicked.  Hummingbirds click they don’t really sing.  It is a thing Michael the original noticed and logged into his memories.  i stood there a moment and thanked God.  it was that spectacular.  i then went home for lunch and ate my food.  Later i went out for a little walk and went to the Good Will Store.  On the way home, i noted a click above me in a maple tree.  There was a little red throated birdie and i said oh gosh it’s Flit.  i said Flit because of Pocahontas the Disney movie i had watched.  He flitted down and skipped the feeder went straight to one of those plants Mrs. Kerasotes had in her gardens in Rancho Mirage to attract hummers.  They are red orange and they work for little Flit flitted to it and then flitted off and away.  One two three and he was gone.  Gads i said to God, gads.  how neat to have seen him and the other four birds.  I was extremely thankful.  I went home to play with my friends.  The End.” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””

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