““Bleeding still and I thought it was done —–” “Copyight (c) by kerasotes””

““Bleeding still and I thought it was done —–

I am still bleeding and I thought it was all over.  I am so very disappointed I don’t know what to say.  I was going to write about something else.  It was about what Franklin should do to be able to have me talk to him again.  I decided not to do this writing.  I also was going to write about what Michael would have done to help him.  I don’t want to write about that either.  I did want to write about my surgery and now I think I do not.  So, what on this God Forsaken Planet do I write about?

I think I will just write about the movie I watched yesterday.  It was King Solomon’s Mines.  I had Deborah Kerr and Stewart Granger in it.  It was the Original Version.  I hadn’t seen it.  I didn’t think I’d like it.  I didn’t.  What I did like was the Watusi Dress.  These people and their straw hair like bird feathers were wearing the most original beautiful clothing.  That I liked.  It was set in 1895.  The book was by H. Rider Haggard.  The story was old and dull to me.  Deborah was young and lovely.  She did this in 1950, way before The King & I.  It takes place in Africa.  She wants to go on Safari.  She wants to find her missing husband.  Her love for him is a lie and you find that out half way thru the movie.  Stewart summed her up in the first minute he saw and talked with her.  She admitted that when she told her younger friend that she had lied to the man who was taking her across Africa and into the uncharted unknown extremely dangerous territories of unexplored Africa.  The Watusi were farmers and cannibals and they were from Egypt.  They had come down from the North it was said with Solomon to explore for DIAMONDS.  You don’t really see the mines.  What you see is a cave with stalactites and mites with King Solomon Petrified into one of them.  That was eerie.  He was old blonde and bearded and looking a lot like an Assyrian.  The Watusi led them to the mines and sealed them in.  They had done that with her husband.  I think they decided that white flesh was not good to eat.  You see her husband’s bones there with a ruby and emerald and a diamond – all huge stones and uncut.  They realize their torches haven’t gone out and follow the river out of the cave.  They find their travelling companion and he and they go back to the city that is made out of straws and so cool that you wonder why we don’t build homes and things like that.  It is walled.  Their farms look like the countryside in England it is remarked.  The seven foot tall black and I mean black man is their King.  He had left.  He left because his people had chosen another King – his little evil brother.  The real king had been carved elaborately with a snake on his belly.  That was neat.  I don’t know how they disfigured him so but the carving was elaborate.  It meant that he was of Royal Birth.  They had the two the brothers fight to the death.  The real king won.  Then everybody celebrated and the movie ended.

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Next I am going to watch Sandra Dee and Lana Turner in Imitation of Life.  These two movie stars adored Michael.  They came to his house especially with this movie for him.  His Father and Mother and Little Brother and their staff were all done in.  Lana had brought her new Bentley and Sandra had brought her Ferrari.  Michael had a field day driving them.  He took them to his friend Polly Myers’s Home and introduced them to her.  Her husband Albert was at work.  Phillip was not home.  Marilyn was at school.  Michael and Polly drank Martini’s and smoke her filthy handmade cigarettes.  Lana was jealous as Hell.  Sandra was amused.  Michael and Polly and Lana and Sandra drank until there was no more gin.  Then they called Michael’s home and asked for the limousine to be sent there so they could all attend the party his mother had so eloquently produced for the neighborhood.  It came.  They left.  They arrived.  And everyone looked at them.  Polly said hello.  Lana didn’t say a word.  Sandra just waved.  And Michael said, “Everybody, this is Miss Polly Myers, my friend.  And these two are my old friends from Hollywood and they star in today’s film.”  “Please come and meet them and say Hello.”  So that’s how that Party started.  It went on till Sunset.  They then went to his father’s Senate Theatre and met the public of Springfield Illinois there.  There were cameras and film crews from the news and from New York.  Everybody in the world wanted to see this premier.  That’s how that little day and night went.  And you know Michael never remembered a thing afterwards for the loonies stole all these memories away.

This folks is how I am going to write from now on.  I am going to tell the stories the way they happened from his memories that Mother {{{Mother remember is an old evil personality that stayed to teach me things.  Mother kept Michael’s Memories for Later.  I asked Mother WHY?  Mother said it was to give him them back when he was all well.  I said that was HORRIBLE!}}} stole.

The End by me.” “Copyright © 2015 by me, Michael Patrick Kerasotes””


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