“”On June 3, 2015, I moved into my new home at Broadway Plaza!” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””

Dear People Facebook World Friends Etcetera:

On June 3, 2015, I moved into my new home at Broadway Plaza!  Thanks to Miss K, I got in.  I have a 2 bedroom apartment with my own bathroom living room kitchen and i don’t have to dress up to go to the toilet cook throw away trash. Nice!  I have a view.  I face south.  I get the sun all day long.  I can see Mount Rainier and the Valley.  I get air traveling through when I open the living room and bedroom windows.  I had them shut until today.  Gads without the heat on it was 75 in here.  Now it is cool and comfortable.  There are no bugs.  Linda is busy writing about them because the management at the old place won’t fumigate.  She asked me to mention something about that and other things.  I will, Linda I will.  But not today.  You know it is so nice having your own space with Section 8 to help pay the rent and having people and management who care about you and the place where you call HOME.  Give me a week dear and I will try and write about the HORROR of Living at the Old Bayview Hotel (1892).  I went to a Pot Luck Dinner this afternoon and met some more people.  The folks here are nice and seem to be friendly and wish you well and welcome you into the place.  I like that.  I have to write Karen a Note telling her Thank You for letting me live at the old place for without her, I would be at the Mission or Out On The Street.  In it I want to tell her about the things she asked me to do last May a Year Ago.  She wanted to know who was nice and who was mean to me and I didn’t really run to her every time there was a problem.  It just didn’t seem right.   I will have to be careful what I say in my note.  Everyone there was nice to me most of the time, most of the time.  And it was my first real home.  Now, I have a nice new home that I like a lot and that is what Miss Morgan of HASCO wanted for me.  She wanted me to have a nice place to die in.  I don’t think you all remember that I am dying and really don’t have that much longer to live.  I ate that recall ice cream last year and got so many terrible diseases and such.  Lately you know I found out I have Prostate Cancer on top of that.  My Doc says that I may have Bone Cancer from the Cancers spreading from the Listeria in my Intestines to my prostate to my bones.  My goodness how awful.  I don’t feel good these days and get sick a lot.  I am always in pain and hurt.  It isn’t fun.  From the 2 weeks to 3 months to live forcast last January to the You Probably Wont Make It Till Summer one from my GI Doc, I have been pretty down and out.  Summer is the 21st.  That isn’t long.  I look at my body and see it falling apart or failing and that hurts me so much I don’t know what to say.  I have had a nice life here though Michael, I have done a lot of wonderful things.  I have helped places and peoples and myself and been told wonderful things.  I like that or liked that.  Everyone doesn’t really know what all I did and how I went to so much pain staking troubles to do it and then some of what I didn’t wasn’t trouble at all but FUN.  I met a lot of nice people, made quite a lot of friends who are dear to me and care.  I ate a lot of wonderful exotic foods and plain ones.  Hamburgers were among my first favorites as was Conch Meat, Alligator,  Sushi, Crab, Portobello Mushrooms, Kathy Kelso’s Famous Porterhouse, all those wonderous meals at Macaronis and Anthony’s and the night at the Library with Alice In Wonderland on my 65 Birthday were special things.  Thank you all and God for that.  Thank you.  I will let you all go now.  I have something on my mind that I want to sleep on.   Franklin.  It is Franklin that is on my mind.  I haven’t talked to him in weeks or is it months now, i forget.  He got to be so much of a {{{i don’t know the words for it}}} but it was like I spent all this effort time and thought on trying to help the kid and all I got was abuse for it.  I got hurt.  I felt like it wasn’t worth it.  But I have realized that even if he doesn’t listen or care or whatever it is that he did or may do, i just don’t want to give up on him.  I have realized that I above everyone and everything else did help him and he did appreciate and care about it somewhere in him and that folks makes it worth all the _____ {{{again I don’t know the words for the blank}}} I spent talking to him.  So I must sleep on it and dream.  I have been dreaming on how to do this and I haven’t been dreaming a lot lately — too much on my mind — so tomorrow sometime I have decided to speak to him again even if it just for a moment or so.  I will let you all know what happens.  Good Night World, Friends, People, Facebook, Etceteras…. Good Night.  me


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