“”29june2015 dear diary.” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””

“”E e e eee e e e eb e d a f g eeeee key of e its adams

Gggggggggbd a e g b g b d b d b g –  g key –  of g:  my guy, churchy/funeral, the amen song —

take me to church

29 June 2015 Monday morning 5.50 a.m.

Good morning tablet!  It is going to be a very bad morning and an even worse day.  I know this is hard to take but it is going to be an even worse night.  The things I saw when I slept showed me this and I wanted to write here and tell me this.  Sometime today I might want to write it out by hand.  Not now.  Now I want to stop and think privately.  See ya!

721 am. Green backlit keys on ZAGG Keyboard, there are all Michael’s RAINBOW COLORS plus teals and three levels of bright.  These colors show up differently depending on the daylights.  I had green on and it is red.  They fascinate me.

It was expensive, this ZAGG HARDCOVER CASE. EXPENSIVE. $100.00!  I have it under WARRANTY.  Angelica insisted I put the Ellipsis Tablet and Cover under warranty.  I think it was about a dollar or so.  I really don’t know or remember.  I am glad she insisted for I broke because Franklin went “WEAK” on purpose and “REBROKE” His Fingers so I couldn’t get the cover off ELLIPSIS.

I got sidetracked and did my McDonald’s thing and then got hot for the hairless pretty musclies on Facebook.  I am dripping for them and hot for it and I got hot for the cop at the jail and yanked for him.  Yesterday I yanked for the cops in the hellicopters who buzz me in the morning.  I put my hot tit clamps on for them and they came in closer.  I shot a load or twenty for them and they left.  Do you all do that?  I wondered.  LET ME KNOW.   NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””


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