“””I suppose that the next time i write about films and movie stars i should do the one and the time when michael’s favorite actress came to his house to premiere THE WIZARD OF OZ.  AND SO I SHALL NOW ALL:

oz     images

Miss Judy Garland and crew came with glee to his house on the lake in Springfield.  She brought everyone she could from the film except those wretched Munchkins.  Them she didn’t bring.  She couldn’t get Nikko the Blue Winged Monkey but she got Miss Margaret Hamilton.  You know her, Miss Wicked Witch of The West herself.  Michael Adored Her.  Here is his favorite photo:  The_Wizard_of_Oz_Margaret_Hamilton_Judy_Garland_1939 

Isn’t it fabulous darlings.  We all thought so.  Mr Mayer and Mr Metro and their wives came too.  They brought the Crystal Ball for Michael to play with.  Only he got to touch it.  Special wasn’t it?  Yes it was.  The Wizard of Oz himself came.  So did the Scarecrow, The Lion, The Tin Man, Auntie Em and Uncle Henry.  The Director came for Michael.  The crew came for him.  They all came just for Michael and this pissed off Marge So Royally that she left.  Michael was in heaven.  He then told everybody there that The Real Wicked Witch of The West had LEFT.  Everybody Applauded.  SPECIAL!  So for hours and hours they all sat and ate and dined and played and watched the film.  Michael and Judy sat hand in hand and they told the stories to everyone.  Michael and Judy had been friend forever.  Mr Mayer and Mr Metro sat still and not a word did they utter.  That was how mesmerizing Michael & Judy were.  All sat SILENT & LISTENED.  Afterward, they all got in their limos and wizzed off to Michael’s Family’s SENATE THEATRE to watch the show in PUBLIC.  That was extremely gratifying for Marge and George, Michael’s Parents.  They had to sit down below with the common folks for the little stunt Marge pulled earlier.  Judy and the MGM’s wouldn’t let her or her husband sit upstairs in the Balcony with them.  Everyone Adored It.  They all applauded and left.  Michael and Judy and MGM went to Hollywood for Marge and George and Robert went off to Tahiti for the winter.  Michael hated them so much that he cried when he heard her announce that from the main floor but Judy and Miss Polly Myers said to them all, Michael will be going there next after they leave and he will go with me and Judy  my private jet.  AND MARGE AND GEORGE AND ROBERT SAT THERE FURIOUS AND FUMED AND STORMED THEIRSELVES OUT.  THEY MADE SUCH A SCENE EXITING THAT GEORGE’S PARENTS GUS AND FLORA FORBID MARGE TO EVER COME THERE OR TO THEIR HOUSE AGAIN WITHOUT MICHAEL AND THAT WAS THAT FOLKS.

Here are some of their favorite stills:



Judy_Garland_in_The_Wizard_of_Oz_trailer” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””  


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