for my dear friends and peoples the note to my friend michael re my bone cancer scans on july 8, 2015 by kerasotes

Mike Kerasotes <>

8:22 PM (9 minutes ago) july 8, 2015

to mcampsmith2640, ADDIE, sigsbeedc, Russ, Chet, Thomas, Patricia, Larry, Vicki, bcc: Mike, bcc: me
Dear Michael,

Miss Simm might have paid the PUD Security Deposit Did They Say It was PAID Michael? Thank you.  I remember this after my bone cancer scans.  There were cancers there she said but it takes two days to process the films.  I was shot with GAMMA RADIATION in a LEAD LINED Canister, Michael.  Nuclear Medicine is UTTERLY FASCINATING.  The Lady Tech and I had fascinating talks.  She let me view the cameras and watch one test.  Millions and Millions of little red protons light up the bones and then turn yellow and then white.  The doctors only get black and white.  The white she said shows the cancers in the bones.  I had a lot in my Bladder, my hip, my feet and my head she said.  So I will let you know say Friday after the doctors call.  I let Marge my nurse at my Doctor Borish’s my PCP Doctor, Michael. She called yesterday to ask to make sure they got copies of the tests.  She took 6 extra sets of scans of my feet, hip head and bladder.  It was way more cool than cool to me and i asked inside and outside if they had brochures on the process. No.  Pity.  I told them to tell the pretty blonde girl tech thank you for the talks and the explanations.  PHILIPS is the Machine that was electromagnetic and not like a CAT or MRI SCAN Machine.  It has two sets of cameras that film you and can see at the microscopic levels and atomics.  UTTERLY FACSINATING UTTERLY Michael.  I told her I wanted to be a doctor but we didn’t know about Nuclear Medicines at  that time.  She understood she knew my age and all.  i really liked this procedure the best of all and  the guy who gave me my shot didn’t hurt me like everyone before.  So there, you are the first to know and I will cc a few folks who care.  Bye for now, Michael and Sweet Dreams.

Kindest regards,



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