“”17 Months Here Today July 9 2015” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””


Today is my ANNIVERSARY!  I am here 17 months today.  I didn’t think I would be alive this long.  Me & Mother thought maybe ten months and all life would be dead here.  But today is my 17th anniversary and I am still here and alive.  I may be riddled with cancers and bugs as Thee Eveloff of Springfield Illinois called diseases {{He was Michael the original’s pediatrician}} and my hair may be falling out and such but people say I look healthy and at 65 years of age I guess that makes me feel good.  It is two days after my nuclear medicines scans and I guess I am not radiating gamma radiation anymore but boy am I exhausted and tired and worn.  yesterday was exhausting.  I think it was the radiation wearing off.  I felt sick and had so much pain that I actually had a gooey clear and bloody diarrhea movement Marjorie {{Marjorie being Michael’s adopted mother that hated him so much she beat him black and blue with willow branches that she made him pick out and then salted the wounds so that it took two or three weeks for him and his little brother Robert to be able to walk.  she did this just because she felt like it and because he was so beautiful.}}  my pretty blonde lady tech at Providence Hospital Everett Washington USA said that it would take two days to process all the colour films she took so they could turn them into black and white sheets or stills for my two doctors to peruse at their skills and leisures.  she had a very beautiful language set of skills and we conversed eloquently for a couple of hours that day {Tuesday} and enjoyed ourselves and our knowledges and talks.  She said so and so did I.  She did not tell me how long I would radiate gamma emissions and I did not ask.  I did not glow in the dark though and I did look.  since she was so proficient in ATOMICS and SCIENCES and those were my best skilled subjects in schools or rather Michael’s, we understood each other perfectly.  Nice.  Huh?  we thought so.  So the Atomics and Protons that showed all the cancers and Arthritisis in my body’s bones and bladder and her explanation and the Librarian’s Book on Nuclear Medicine with Pictures filled in the rest, I feel I now can understand the process or scans perfectly and can discuss them with ease with people and my doctors {{{{when that time comes}}}} and comprehend it all.  Isn’t that utterly amazing and fascinating folks.  I think so.  My comprehensions of the book and its pictures and theories and practices on all the different kinds of nuclear medicines is complete.  There are so many kinds of scans now that you never need to have surgery again.  Even the radiation techniques to cure the cancers were in there.  So complete, so fulfilling, so thorough was the 200 or so page book that I am pleased to report on my 17th Anniversary this:  Nuclear Medicines are fantastic.  They are really the penultimate technology in Sciences and it all started with a German who won the first Nobel in Physics.  Way back in 1901 or so.  He was the first to record xrays.  you must get the book at the Everett Public Library and read it.  And by the way, I think all my talk with my dear librarian friends has turned a new fate.  Yesterday in the paper here there was an article saying that people with Sno-Isle Library Cards could not get cards there at the Everett Public Libraries.  I told them ages ago how wonderful their 32 library system was and how they had like 500 copies of the new Mysteries at the Museum with Ben Stiller that it would only be 3 weeks before I would get the DVD to watch and see at home.  They had “Maleficent” Disney’s New Film Released before Christmas Last Year and only had 5 copies.  Four months on the waiting list.  I told them they get dvds and cds from other libraries all over the world.  they {Everett} used to but they quit.  I said that you can check out the dvds and cds w/o waiting 20 minutes for librarians at the check out desk to find them and give you scratched copies that you cant watch and that they replace the worn out ones with new ones instead of removing the movie or book or record from the system.  they also do not charge you for overdue books.  it used to be a dime for an overdue book per day and then a nickel and then nothing.  that seems to make people more honest and more willing to hurry and read or watch or listen and return things in perfect condition.  I saw that the Everett library had some 385 lost library cards that they charge a dollar for because of lack of funding.  I told them to ask my three sets of friends foundations for more monies to help them with this and maybe they have.  Eileen their Director liked my idea so much and so did Cheryl at the little evergreen branch and Pat and my other main library friends like Liz and Anita and Gloria that they probably told Eileen to do what I submitted on paper as suggestions.  My friends are Bill Gates and his wife, Al and Jeannie Benaroya and Jim Ray’s Foundation {because he is dead} The Raynier Foundation all of who are donating a million per year except the Benaroyas who want to donate billions so the OUTREACH AND BOOKMOBILE Programs can open again and the new computers and chairs and desks and additions will be funded by them with notations that these were my suggestions have been arranged Pat said.  Isn’t this a nice bit of news for my 17th Anniversary Today?  YES IT IS. So There Michael and Mike I have helped your favourite little libraries and your wonderful one in Seattle which is already now teamed with Sno-Isle and King County {{{{{{The Seattle Public Library where Michael is their OZ Historian and Donated several priceless First Edition OZ Books, I checked}}}}}} are going to reach out and make the Everett Libraries part of the whole states plan to make library things state and world wide again.  PERFECT. Have a wonderful day world, wordpress, google, facebook, springfield, and all folks from me!” “Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””


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