“Family Day 25 July 2015. (c) 2015 kerasotes”

“Dear Michael, today was family day.  it is july 25th 2015.  i went for a hamburger and a hot dog and cake.  i got a hot dog.  i got chips.  i got a coke.  i ate the dog with mayo cooked onion raw onion pickle mustard no catsup.  i saved the coke and chips.  it was a good dog.  i went up and started Andy Warhol’s “HEAT” with Joe Dellasandro.  He’s pretty.  He is fair and has long straight blonde hair.  He muscles for the babes.  In this show they are of both sexes.  He muscles best for old ladies.  He has a little dick Tom Wood, just like yours.  I saw it.  Every one wanted him.  Even the straight twins who were pretty and more muscly and weird.  They did a live night club show and at the end had sex with each other.  One wore girlie clothes and couldn’t talk.  The other wore shorts no shirts and liked Joe.  The girlie boy jacked off to him and made the twin jealous.  The lesies wanted him.  The lesie’s old mother wanted him.  Even her old husband wanted him.  Awful.  Just Awful Michael, Awful.  It was written by Joe i think.  I got it over at Snohomish.  They have porn in their film collection.  Hot.  I couldn’t believe it.  So, I checked it out. I didn’t drink my coke.  I still have that.  I went back down and saw Bev.  She has her cataract surgery on the 30th.  One eye only.  looked like 300 for the bill so far.  She doesn’t know what they do and doesn’t want to know but they do hook her up and put her out she said.  I told her about Phil’s successful surgeries.  He’s the Director of the Mission and my friend.  I told her Phil and Mike Stories.  She laughed.  I told her little dick stories about Joe and she laughed.  I think i cheered her up, Michael, i think i did.  I told her i felt awful.  I told her i have my MRI SCAN this coming week.  She wished me luck.  I have to call on Monday.  I do.  I don’t really want it because I already know where the cancers are because of the Nuclear Scans.  But my urologist wants them and so i must have them. He was supposed to schedule them and as far as i know i have no test places that have called me with appointments.  I must listen to my voice mail and see if there are calls.  It doesn’t show up these days. last time there were 18 calls i’d missed.  Then i went back in to the View and heard a better singer sing and decided to watch Dorthy dance.  It made me wonder what kind of Bad Girl She Was In Her Past for she danced pretty well.  I went back in the View and decided to ask for a dog to take upstairs.  I did.  I got one.  I dolled it up.  I took it home.  I ate it.  I liked it.  I went out for a smoke.  That lead me to here.  The event started at 11 a.m.  it ended at 3 p.m.  it is now after 4 o’clock.  i am stuffed tired and sick.  i still feel bad.  i don’t feel as sick as i did yesterday but i don’t feel good.  i don’t think i will ever feel good again.  All the cancers make me sick.  All the listeria cancers make me ill.  You Can Get Listeria Cancers from Milk & Cheeses NOW.  AWFUL!  So everybody watch out and watch what you drink and eat or you will end up with the 88 diseases or cancers you get from Listeria and they are awful.  I know.  Then according to the East Coast Attorneys, all the cancers come from it.  Awful.  I know, i talked with them and they with me and my new ones don’t call me back.  I guess they are not interested and i must report that to Tyler of the City of Everett and see if he can get me new ones.  I also have a new question for him and it is about the Owls On The Roofs Here.  There are a couple on my Broadway Plaza Building.  There was one on my Hoyt & Hewitt Building.  There was one on the store across the street from my old Hoyt & Hewitt Building.  Are they Heroin Running Joints.  And are they 30 years old?  I wonder.  He will know.  The End.  (c) 2015 kerasotes”


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