“Sunday the25th of July 2015 and it is still cold cloudy and rainy.  Today I looked up people who were in the movies like Billie Holiday Billie Burke Florenz Ziegfeld and Robert McNamara and Jimmy Carter.  The latter two whom Michael worked in Washington, DC when he worked at the White House and The World Bank.  The former were people I was interested in.  I also looked up The Bladder and Bladder Cancer.  Yuck.  In Bladder Cancer I found out you only have five years to live.  No cure evidently.  It was in Wikipedia.  

I also remembered the two drugs Doctor Scher gave Michael:  Valium for & Halcyon for sleep.  I called Patrick my case manager and told him to have his nurse/doctor prescribe them for me.  He is supposedly busy with school and finding me a scooter to ride to the store on since I limp now and will forever because of my bad fall and almost breaking everything on the left side of my body.  I guess he will call me on Wednesday.  I also told him that since he never booked me the appointment he promised the first time I met him with his “REAL PSYCHIATRIST”, I have to call MEDICARE this week to get one.  I want my own because I need one.  I would rather have a him but there don’t seem to be any nearby.  Maybe the nice lady at Medicare can find me one.  

So although this entry is short not sweet and I am tired and not hungry and have shit three times already today and peed about ten times, I did snack on two rolls heated with Greek olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  That was tasty.  Today I could really taste the good Kalamata olive oil.  Yum.  And it stayed in so far.  I am also about out of smokes.  Tracy Hallmark the old manager of my old home never did send me my deposit money back that he said he would the day I left and I am mad upset about that.  I will have to call him again and leave him another message.  I have called him once.  I have written him and Karen Stanfeld twice and nothing from either of them.  I saw Karen yesterday and she didn’t even say hi.  The last time I saw her she did.  

Well that’s about it.  

Good Morning.


© 2015 kerasotes”


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