Tomorrow Night At Seven P.M. I Have My MRI For My Cancer Scans Of My Bladder & My Hip!

Tomorrow Night At Seven P.M. I Have My MRI For My Cancer Scans Of My Bladder & My Hip!

It is July 27, 2015 and it is Monday.  It is sunny and warm and 70 Degrees Outside.  I got hot and sweaty walking places today.  I sold my silver dime for 80 Cents and my penny for 2 Cents.  They were old and real silver and real copper.  What fun.  I was able to buy a bag of Tobacco from my guy and this made me happy.  I went looking for butts like Mike the Mike before me and you all that have left.  I found a few choice ones but did not get my bag I wanted to collect a bunch.  I got to look at tombstones and find out how much they cost and what they were made of.  I saw one of an angel weeping over the stone.  She was new the girl said and the black granite was from India.  The angel inside holding the stone was carved from white granite very rare and unblemished from Tibet like Michelangelo’s White Carrera Marble that he carved David with.  How nice. What fun.  I showed her a piece of pink granite that looked like the kind Hatshepsut of Egypt carved out her obelisks and such.  I thought about what I would like for Michael’s Grave and kept that to myself.  Then I parted from the place and went looking elsewheres.  I then caught the bus back home and decided to stop at Ali’s and come here.  I did.  I am not worried about my cancer scans of tomorrow but the simple fact that my cancer of the bladder gives me only five years to live does bother me for I know not how long that has been there and I think it has been there since 2013 at least.  So now you all know folks.  Have yourselves a great and good day.  O & PS, I saw my old friend Cassandra or rather she saw me.  She’s lost 70 pounds and looks great and she said the same of me.  I told her I’ve outlived my death sentences so far and what Marge my nurse and Carol my receptionist at my Doctor Borish’s Office said that I would probably live forever and we laughed and she said I would.  How’s that for a cheery ending to my tales of today………………..

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